Scandal, Prince Charles has had a secret son for many years. Buckingham Palace is shaking

An indiscretion that could cast a lot of shadow on the English crown, the secret son of Prince Charles comes out, he is now a man and would be the son of the direct heir to the throne.

An incredible new scandal is about to explode right at Buckingham Palace and this time it sees in the eye of the cyclone the heir to the crown of England, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles.

In the past, Carlo has really turned on public opinion on more than one occasion, but in recent years, thanks to his age and his desire to live a more reserved life, he seemed to have left room for the scandals of his children. Instead right now it comes a very heavy indiscretion that if confirmed would make the crown tremble.

Queen Elizabeth cannot rest assured for a moment, every day she sees some members of her family put themselves in difficult situations to unravel, some decidedly more complex than others, such as the global sex scandal that saw her son Andrea fully invested. , embroiled in a terrible story of abusing young girls with the American entrepreneur Jeffrey Epstein, sentenced in 2008. An extremely serious and delicate matter.

In recent days, however, a truly unexpected scandal has come to light regarding one of the most loved royal couples, or the one between Prince William, granddaughter of the queen and wife Kate Middleton, it would seem that the scion of the Windsor house has very particular tastes under the sheets, not particularly appreciated by his wife.

So it seems that he satisfies his lust with other people. Obviously, no confirmation or above all denial has yet arrived, so for now it is only a source close to the family that released this statement.

Instead what is happening to Prince Charles it could put him in a very uncomfortable position, because a gigantic skeleton in the closet seems to have come to light, a secret son who has decided to break the silence.

The secret son of Prince Charles, he had it from her …

Prince Charles

For some time now the news has begun to leak that throws Prince Charles at the center of the media storm for a son kept hidden for many years, to declare this fact is precisely the man who claims to be Carlo’s descendant and corresponds to the name of Simon Dorante-Day is fifty-five years old and is of Australian nationality.

But let’s take a step back in history, with whom did Carlo have this son?

Everyone is now aware of the secret love story that took place in the past years between Carlo and Camilla, the two were madly in love but the queen did not allow the heir to the throne to marry a divorced woman, so did the young man Carlo had to repress his feelings for a long time.

Over time he then became acquainted Diana Spencer with whom he initially fell madly in love, but the feelings for Camilla soon returned to the surface and could no longer be repressed. Afterwards Lady Diana died in the tragic accident in Paris and soon after, Carlo and Camilla crowned their dream of love by getting married. Apparently the son of Prince Charles is the fruit of love with Camilla, but when did it happen?

Prince Charles

According to the age of man it would mean that Simon Dorante-Day was born in 1965 when the couple would have been seventeen and eighteen, he was later adopted when he was nine.

Man continues to uphold his truth, publicly declaring to be Carlo’s kept secret son, for now there has been no comment on this from the Royal Family and those directly involved but the issue could get much bigger than it seems unleashing pandemonium on the English crown.

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Scandal, Prince Charles has had a secret son for many years. Buckingham Palace is shaking

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