Selvaggia Lucarelli in controversy with Fedez. And also with Psalm

Total confrontation. Rapper first Psalmthen Fedez And Ferragni. The three continue to be in the sights of Wild Lucarelli. The journalist takes it out on Fedez accusing him of taking advantage of characters who go viral to acquire more followers. So she would have done him too at the concert Piazza Duomo in Milan LoveMi. The security guard Ivano Monzani he became famous for his facial expressions recorded by the cameras that broadcast the concert live on Italia 1, and in this way, even if he didn’t want to, he turned into a character. And Fedez posted a video with him on social media. A move that appears to have been unwelcome by Lucarelli who posts a photo of Fedez and Ivano with very strong words: However now I have the terror of this person, every person who goes viral he must transform it into his content“. The criticism of Wild Lucarelliwhich misses nothing, has left.

Fedez after the operation

Fedez’s answer

And Fedez replied: “Long last Lucarelli you got the attention you wanted. A poor answer. You can celebrate the big day. You have at least a month of content to do on me now, enjoy. The artist then explained what happened the night before: Yesterday I saw a person I’ve known for years who became a living meme and I made a ten second video. So what? I’m a monster? But even if it were you do the same thing. You do worse, you do worse“.

Like this Fedez post two historical moments in which also Lucarelli it would take advantage of people to gain popularity. For example the private hard video of Belén Rodriquezpointing out: Oh no, you don’t loot, no no nohe wrote Fedez accompanying the shot of 2016. Since you have been teasing me and my family for years, now that my wife is not here to appease me, I could go on indefinitely. You and I are not that different from what you think. Don’t think you’re better than me. Maybe you forget when you insulted a newborn, Belén’s son, saying that he was ugly. Or when you say that I I suck when I talk about my psychologistfor help myself and try to help others. You forget that you got paid to do a podcast to talk about your toxic relationship“.

Repentance of Fedez

After the outburst, however, comes the repentance of Fedez: “I am disappointed in myself right now. After what had happened to me I had promised myself to dedicate the time that life has given me and this instead is a terrible waste of time”. The reply comes from a new Fedez after the illness. The discovery that he had pancreatic cancer and then underwent an emergency operation has restored the priorities for the singer as he himself has said several times, posting. “So guys, some advice, don’t waste time chasing useless people. Don’t do the same strxxxata I did.”

The clash with Salmo

It all started from a consideration by the rapper Psalm on the last year spent between successes and controversies: “It was the most difficult year of my life. Abusive concert, album, acting in a TV series, directing the soundtrack, making a new album, preparing the live for San Siro” , wrote Psalm before a user asked him about the abusive concert. “Ask Selvaggia Sucarelli”, was the response of the artist, who deliberately mangled the journalist’s surname to provoke a reaction that arrived, in fact, shortly after.

The & nbsp; rapper Salmo

The rapper Salmo

“I do not know Psalm, I also think he is good. A year ago I took the liberty of saying that his concert in Olbia without authorization, with a pandemic that was still causing many victims, was a mistake “, he wrote. Lucarelli referring to when Salmo, in 2021, organized a concert in Olbia to help the Sardinians. “He never replied on the merits – the journalist posted on social media – but, even after some time, the lousy sexist joke crippling my surname as the average hater has not been able to keep it. Followed by thousands of likes and ‘Ahaha’. Go on like this. Maybe in two millennia, males will be able to answer a woman by looking over their own dick. Maybe. ” This message was followed by a further reply by Psalm: “Don’t cry Selvaggia. They’ve crippled my surname a thousand times. Please, get it over with this sexism stuff that has nothing to do with it. Opinioninstagram victimhood is over now. Maybe”, he concluded before that Lucarelli photographed the conversation and shared it on his profile, also on Instagram. “Nobody is whimpering here, buddy – mail Lucarelli – you would like. Instead the world has moved on, she thinks a bit, and a woman if you cripple her surname in Sucarelli or send her your pea (unsolicited) in chat as your habit, she doesn’t cry: she spits you. She learns. Hello”.

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Selvaggia Lucarelli in controversy with Fedez. And also with Psalm

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