Shocking Silvia Toffanin, he just leaves everything and runs away with his colleague

Silvia Toffaninshe found herself in the middle of a gossip, something unexpected: he himself ran away with another. A colleague of Silvia and her friend for some time.

Schock in the Toffanin-Berlusconi family

Silvia Toffanin she is one of the most popular Mediaset presenters, who has always worked with humility, professionalism and simplicity. She is one of the presenters who has always shown her humility, professionalism and simplicity, winning the hearts of millions of viewers.

The presenter has hosted Verissimo since 2009, one of the most successful programs on channel 5. Silvia Toffanin started as a word of mouth letter and is romantically linked to Pier Silvio Berlusconi, head of the Mediaset company.

About her private life, the presenter and former letter has always tried to keep secrecy as much as possible, taking care to keep away from the spotlight and gossip what concerned her.

From the beginning of her career Silvia has been able to demonstrate that she is destined to work in television, with a true attitude to the world of entertainment. In the early 2000s when she made her debut as a letter in the program conducted by Gerry Scotti, at his side were his friends and colleagues Ilary Blasi and Alessia Mancini. All and in between have made as we know a brilliant career in the show.

For some weeks too very true has closed its doors for the summer break and so also Silvia Toffanin can take a well-deserved break before resuming the autumn season and its exciting professional projects that bring various innovations in the pipeline for the presenter.

According to what has been said, she could be the presenter of The mole, reality show hosted in the past by Paola Perego. At the moment it is only rumors but there are many other types of gossip that affect her and it is just about him who ran away with someone else. It was a twist in the Berlusconi house, they have it caught together with her famous colleague.

Who is the couple caught in the act?

For sure this is a surprise for everyone, he himself ran off with Silvia’s famous colleagueit’s about Maddalena Corvaglia but the protagonist of the “escapade” is not Pier Silvio Berlusconi, who always remains faithful to Toffanin, but Paolo Berlusconi, Silvio’s brother.

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Paolo and Maddalenaas reported by the weekly Who, have been paparazzi around Versilia. The two they have known each other for a long time and judging from the photos, theirs seems to be a very good relationship.

These are the words reported in the weekly: “Magdalene and Paolo are not a couple, they are a family”.

Magdalene she is one of Silvia Toffanin’s closest friends, and therefore has been from for a long time family in the Berlusconi house. Maddalena Corvaglia is also Matilda’s best friend, Paolo Berlusconi’s sister-in-law.

The two therefore spend a lot of time together and also Maddalena’s daughter, Jamie, is regarded as an in-laws. Among them we can talk about a special friendship that has united them for many years:

“They supported each other in the moments of difficulty and discouragement that they have had to face in recent years, always side by side”.

Therefore we cannot speak of a love story and just Maddalena who was paparazzi in the company of Paolo Berlusconi immediately pointed out that it is a special friendship and nothing else.

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Shocking Silvia Toffanin, he just leaves everything and runs away with his colleague

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