“Sleeping with the enemy”: heavy lunge for King Charles | The latest allegations are very serious

King Charles Henry Camilla
King Charles accused

New shocking details on the Royal Family: very heavy accusations for King Charles, the possibility of re-establishing the relationship is now remote. Let’s find out together what happened.

In the past few hours, some disconcerting news has emerged regarding the royal family. This time he came right at her, King Charles in a rage at her. Are you curious to find out what happened? Let’s see it together.

There Royal family continues to be in the spotlight due to the latest Harry and Megan documentary. The two spouses thanks to Netflix managed to unearth shocking truths about life at Buckingham Palace. It is certainly not the first time that the Royal Family has to deal with certain types of scandals, but the latest detail revealed by the prince is really a low blow against his father. As many know, Harry has been away from his family for a few months to follow love and live in another state.

In fact, he and his wife Megan they moved to America renouncing royal privileges. But after the farewell to the royal family, the spouses have begun to reveal the scandals that have occurred within the beautiful little family. This time she was the one to be impressed Camilla Parker Bowles, now Queen consort of the United Kingdom. The accusations against her are nothing short of heavy: she has “paved the road with corpses” admitted the second son of King Charles. Now it will be practically impossible for Harry to reconnect with his father. Are you curious to find out his words? Let’s see them together.

Serious accusations for the Royal Family: now Camilla risks big

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, his son Charles III finally ascended the throne. Now however, the sovereign has once again found himself having to deal with some scandals that have seen him involved, or rather, this time it was his wife who was accused Camilla Parker Bowles. To reveal all the details was nothing less than Harrythe second son of the King. He was the one who harshly attacked his stepmother, now queen consort, confessing some unheard secrets.

King Charles Harry Camilla
King Charles, Harry and Camilla Parker Bowls

The King’s second son admitted about Camilla: “To become Queen and clean up his image of bad paved streets of corpses“. These statements appear in the last discussed biography Shoot.

Almost certainly, this accusation will only aggravate relations between Harry and his father Carlo. Now resolving old grievances will be practically impossible, also because the Duke of Sussex has also revealed that in the past the queen consort would have leaked many news leaks about the Royal Family to the press. Precisely speaking of this theme he admitted: “A family where there is someone willing to go to bed with the enemy” referring to his dad. Now we just have to wait for the official response from King Charles and Camilla. What do you think about it?

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“Sleeping with the enemy”: heavy lunge for King Charles | The latest allegations are very serious

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