Soleil, loving truth: “Period no, I’m not serene!”


The model and influencer talks about herself via Instagram Stories, revealing that she is not living the best of times possible. Here are his words

Soleil Rises this evening she opened the classic question box for all her numerous and loyal followers, allowing them to send her messages with which they could discover some more curiosities about their idol. Among the questions received tonight, it is worth highlighting one, the one relating to the current psychological status of the former gieffina, now engaged as a presenter alongside Pierpaolo Pretelli to the GF Vip Party.

An anonymous user asked the beautiful Soleil, therefore, a question as simple as it is “profound” and sweet, that is how he was in this period. Unfortunately, apparently, this is not the best of times for her. Far from it! Soleil did not reveal the reasons for this “down” in the last few days (or maybe the last few weeks?) But she wanted to underline that some things are going wrong for her. What, precisely, is going to wreck in Soleil’s life is not known: the Italian-American influencer has rightly maintained privacy in this regard.

There are no specific references in Soleil’s post. The model did not mention anything in particular, neither from a work point of view, nor from a personal one, nor sentimental. There are no clues in his post, nor details that you could hold on to to try to understand what he was referring to. Below is the reply of the former gieffina:

“No, it’s one of those times when I’m not at all peaceful or happy. Although it is a very beautiful moment at work, unfortunately life always decides to surprise us with the heaviest weights in unthinkable moments. But I work every moment for my peace of mind. I try to be every day, through every choice, aware of the fact that even this moment will pass, focusing on courage and above all on the positive. When life gives us lemons, we need to make a lemonade. True happiness comes from a sought-after and practiced serenity-This is achieved by making the right choices for our well-being and actions every day. “

It must be said, to tell the truth, that this is his period of personal crisis Soleil she has managed to hide it quite well after all. In the last few days she has in fact always shown herself smiling in the public eye by happily and happily narrating all his latest projects. Among other things, in this complex period, Soleil is working hard to get back in shape even with the actingwho went back to studying.


From this last point of view it seems that they are important to us Announcements arriving. In previous Instagram Stories, the model has also talked about something new that she is boiling in the pot. These new work commitments will be able to make her smile and smile again good mood? Followers obviously hope so.


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Soleil, loving truth: “Period no, I’m not serene!”

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