Sophie Codegoni pregnant, the extra kg: the unusual but sensible choice


The ex gieffina, expecting her first child with Alessandro Basciano, reveals new and unpublished details about her pregnancy

Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Basciano are expecting their first daughter. The couple born in the Casa del Grande Fratello Vip 6 is starting a family and the fans are increasingly curious to discover new details. The former tronista of Men and Women today satisfies them and opens the question box on Instagram. Here she explains what it is its relationship to Librarevealing that she’s made up her mind about how to handle the extra pounds.

In an interview on Chi, recently, Sophie and Alessandro responded to the criticisms and revealed more details about this pregnancy. That’s it now Codegoni replies that she doesn’t know what her current weight is to those who ask her to reveal how many kilos she has gained in these five months. It is a popular question, as the ex gieffina herself points out on her Instagram profile. In fact, fans are usually curious to find out how many kilos familiar faces gain during their pregnancies.

Codegoni will not be able to reveal this curiosity to the following public. An unusual choice, given that the extra kilos that are gained during a pregnancy are usually taken into account. In any case your weight is monitored by an expert or by your gynecologist, who usually weighs her. She doesn’t know if she’s wrong, but she asked the doctor not to reveal the extra pounds she gained and to keep this information to herself. The reason is explained by Sophie herself:

“I don’t want to be influenced. I’ve never been great friends with scales, I don’t like them, they condition me a little. So I don’t normally want to know how much I weigh and what I don’t weigh. I look in the mirror and I have to feel good about myself, regardless of the scale I weigh. So I’m living it quietly”

His is an unusual choice, but also a sensible one. Sophie Codegoni wants to feel good about her body without relying on the number shown on the scale, which can hinder a person’s serenity and health. On the other hand, the former tronista is sure that her weight is kept under control by an expert, her gynecologist. Therefore, it is not a fact that she underestimates during pregnancy. She simply prefers to live this period peacefully without thinking about what she can eat and what not. Of course, everything is managed by Sophie so that she can follow a balanced diet, as she explains.

“I eat well, but I do it for a matter of health and not of weight. I don’t want to stare and say ‘no I won’t eat that’. If I want to eat crap, I eat it without problems. But I also believe that balance is fundamental in everything. So it’s not good to eat pizza and Nutella all day, just as it’s not good to eat only fennel and chicken for fear of gaining a few extra pounds.”

During this time, Sophie knows she has different needs as she is carrying her first child. Therefore, try to listen more to your body and to eat a little more than usual. Above all, try to eat everything and follow a diet that is balanced and complete. Initially he had a little difficulty following this line, and then was able to follow it without difficulty.

Currently Sophie Codegoni is in the 21st week of pregnancy. In about seven days it enters the sixth month. “I swear time is flying, there are three and a half months left until Celine arrives. They say that around the eighth month time stops”says Alessandro Basciano’s partner enthusiastically.

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Sophie Codegoni pregnant, the extra kg: the unusual but sensible choice

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