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Micol she is appreciated for her sweetness and determination but, although she appears to be an invincible girl, she too hides some insecurities within herself.

VIP Big Brotherjust to give her the right self-confidence, organized a surprise for her by inviting her father and sister Clizia.

But before meeting his beloved Micol, the former gieffina Clizia shows up in the garden to talk to Tavassi And Nicole, guilty of having flirted. Between the two there is a strong intimacy that arouses some suspicion.

After sending the VIP into the garden, Alfonso shows a clip showing the offending attitude. Nicole stroked his leg and the boy stopped her saying to be careful otherwise Micol would get annoyed.

Tavassi tries to explain himself. It’s his usual way of joking, there’s no reason to think badly.

Clizia, on the other hand, glimpses malice and finds that some problems have arisen in the couple. “I no longer see the magic born in the beginning” he says: it’s as if the lightness of the first moments together had disappeared. Micol has suffered a lot these days, so she demands honesty from him. If he only considers her a friend, she’d better get away from her.
“Do you feel your heart vibrate?” the girl asks him to test Tavassi’s feelings.

The VIP confirms that he wants to continue the story and that he doesn’t want a simple friendship from Micol.

Nicole also runs into the garden to listen to Clizia’s clarifications. The former gieffina explains to the VIP that she has noticed malice in her attitudes. If her sister hasn’t pointed it out, it’s only because of her proud and reserved character.

“Can’t one joke with a man?” replies Nicole who claims her good faith.

Micol joins them and, in a very sincere way, admits that she has never thought badly of her friend. If the sister has gone to report what happened, some doubts may arise, but he will not change his opinion about Nicole.

Alfonso asks Micol: “Do you feel butterflies in your stomach?”.

The girl replies that she hasn’t reached that stage yet, arousing amazement and disappointment in Tavassi.

From the studio Sonia reserves the right to have doubts about Nicole, who always seems to want to get in the way but at the same time admires the confidence that Micol has acquired.

But the surprises are not finished! Micol runs into the courtyard where Papa Salvatore is waiting for her.

When he saw her crying, the man thought she needed him and rushed to her aid. He doesn’t have to question her femininity because she has it in spades. She must always smile and be calm because outside of her there are many people who follow her and love her. She also gives her blessing to Tavassi: then Alfonso seizes the opportunity and gets the two men to know each other.

Enthusiastic, the VIP runs into the courtyard and thanks his father. “You have created an angel” he says about Micol, stating that his are just jokes and that he finds the girl beautiful.

Taken by emotion, father Salvatore whispers “Please, treat me well.”

Unfortunately time is up and the Vipponi have to go back to the salon. A smile paints itself on Micol’s face that she can finally say is calm. Every day she becomes more and more of the woman she wants to be.

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Surprises and warnings for Micol Incorvaia – Big Brother VIP | GF VIP 7

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