Survivors, advances 24 October, fourth episode of the fiction with Lino Guanciale

Monday 24 October, on Rai 1, at 21.25, fourth appointment with Survivors, the fiction starring Lino Guanciale. Luca will finally spill the beans on Armando’s tragic death. What really happened on the Ariadne?

Monday 24 October, in the early evening on Rai 1, the fourth episode of Survivors. The sign in front of the survivors’ homes increases the already exasperated tensions between them. Who is threatening them? Let’s find out more in the advances of the fiction directed by Carmine Elia and performed by Linen Pillow, Stefi Celma, Alessio Vassallo And Barbora Bobulova. Tonight is the turn of the seventh and eighth episodes, titled respectively Assassins And Lies.

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Survivors, that matters in everything 12 episodes, is the tragic and mysterious story of voyage of twelve passengers on a named vessel Arianna. After a few days of navigation, the boat disappears from the radar. A year later, off the Venezuelan coast, the wreck Ariadne with only half the crew, prostrate with hunger and thirst. What happened to the other passengers?

Perhaps it is early to shout at the flop. The fate of the fiction, in fact, they are apparently recovering. There third episode of Survivors overcame the colossal opponent: the Big Brother Vip. The events of the survivors of Ariadne have fascinated 2,499,000 spectators, equal to a share of 15.81%. Randomness or a sign of recovery? We’ll find out tonight.

Survivors, fourth episode previews, the truth about Armando’s death

1 × 07, Assassins – Who is the author of the writing that appeared in front of the houses of the survivors? Survivors feel threatened and their suspicions are directed towards first Anita and, then, against Lea. The latter, tired of being treated as a stranger and offended by suspicions about her, will prepare to flee. The woman, together with her twin, intends to run away from Genoa and start over, but not everything will go according to her plans. Something terrible will hinder the two sisters’ journey.

In the past, on the Ariadne, Armando proposes to Léa to marry him. Luca celebrates the symbolic wedding but, immediately after, Armando begins to feel bad. Was he infected?

1 × 08, Lies – Survivors begin to understand that their lives are in serious danger. Meanwhile, Anita finally finds proof that Armando he was alive when the storm ended. At that point, the policewoman decides to confront Luca and find out the truth about her son’s death once and for all. Luca, in front of Sylvieconfesses the truth, leaving his wife open-mouthed and shocked. AnitaHowever, he still has doubts about the man’s version and, after yet another inspection of the wreck, he will find a crucial clue.

Let’s go back in time: the disease of Armando it worries the castaways who, once again, are not cohesive in deciding how to behave.

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Survivors, advances 24 October, fourth episode of the fiction with Lino Guanciale

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