Sylvester Stallone furious: “The film about Ivan Drago is a shame”

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The actor against the producer who has the rights to the saga: use my ideas, a shame

“I’ll split you in two.” Sylvester Stallone for once he put himself in the shoes of Ivan Drago and wore the best face since “Rocky”, when he looked like he came out of a Picasso painting, with asymmetrical eyes and the out-of-scale lips on a face with abstract connotations due to the fists taken. “Another heartbreak… I just found out… Once again, this pathetic producer 94 years old and his stupid and useless vulture children, Charles and David, are still gnawing at the bones of another wonderful character I created without even telling me. I apologize to the fans, I never wanted Rocky’s characters to be exploited by them parasites“.

Stallone – even without naming him – is angry with the producer of the saga Irwin Winklerwho is actually 91 years old (but you know cinema is exaggeration, with special effects three more years is a moment). The racking of boxing bile came to him after learning that Winkler he’s going to get hold of one spin off from “Creed” – in turn a spin-off of «Rocky», in a loop of concentric circles. There new creature is titled “Dragon” and is centered around the family of Ivan Dragoits main antagonist in
“Rocky IV

The question of rights of “Rocky” has been going on for a while. As she had already told “Variety”Stallone has no ownership on the copyright of the saga that has grossed in total 3 billion dollars. Winkler, on the other hand, owns the rights to everything the franchise from “Rocky”including films by “Creed” (in total 8). The tongue beats where the fist hurts, or in the wallet. “I was told, ‘Hey, you got paid, so what do you get for moans? ” I was furious. After Irwin owned the rights to “Rocky”For 47 years and now those of “Creed“, I would like get back at least a pinch of my rights, before they pass directly only to your children … it would be a right gesture by a man over 90, right? ‘

The fatal wrath of the Rocky boxer it is not new in the last month. Yesterday Stallone posted Winkler portrayed as Dracula, a couple of weeks ago she had imagined him as a snake with a dagger instead of a tongue. The sins of the fathers fall on the children, so he also took it out on the book written by David Winkler, son of the producer. A poison review: «I have read thousands of books but I must say that this is absolute the worst! If you ever run out of toilet paper, buy this book and you will not be disappointed. It is very absorbent ».

To understand if it will also come out undermined friendship that binds Stallone to Dolph Lundgrenthe gigantic actor from mono-expression which gave (little) life to Ivan Drago. The Swedish two-door wardrobe, a sort of Ikea that “clears up” only after a lot of punches, had in fact ensured: “Just to set the record straight on a possible spin off by Drago. There isn’t one approved scriptthere are no agreements in place, the film does not have a director and, personally, I had the impression that my friend Sly Stallone was involved as a producer if not even as an actor ». It doesn’t really seem like that when reading the Stallion runaway: “I had nothing but respect for Dolph, but he never told me what was going on behind my back about the character that I created for him. True friends are more precious some money”.

The first movie by Rocky dates back to 1976 and Stallone had told so genesis: «They only offered me criminal roles and appeared, so I thought I could write the story of a tough guynot too smart but with so much heart. Given my Italian background, I thought of someone like Rocky Marciano“. A worldwide successthen go to imagine that the only one to knock him out would have been a centenary.

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Sylvester Stallone furious: “The film about Ivan Drago is a shame”

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