Terra Amara Advances from 6 to 11 February 2023, Seher is pregnant with Gaffur: Demir is sterile!

Let’s find out the Advances of the Episodes of Terra Amara aired from 6 to 11 February 2023. Here is the summary of what will happen in the Episodes of the week.

Let’s see together Advances of the Textures of the Bets of the Turkish soap opera Bitter landon air from 6 to 11 February 2023 on Channel 5as always from 14.10. here is the Summary Of what will happen during the week:

Episode aired on Monday 6 February 2023

Yilmaz is recoveringbut its being so much taciturn alarms Mujgan. the latter, worried for the betrothed, who is not willing to explain to her what it is, goes to Sabahattin’s househoping that at least he can help her understand what’s going on.

Episode aired on Tuesday 7 February 2023

The gendarmes show up at the estate to communicate to the Yamans to have found the lifeless body of Ercument. Everyone seems pretty upset, first of all Hunkarwhich, in front of the commander, surrenders to pain. The family, including Gulten, part for Istanbul, where they will take place the funerals of the young man.

Episode aired on Wednesday 8 February 2023

Seher confesses to Hunkar that she is pregnant with Demir. The latteron the other hand, he confesses to his mother that he is I’m sure I can’t conceive. Hunkar has always known that the Yaman is sterile, but he has always preferred not to touch the subject. The two, therefore, come to the conclusion that the maid is carrying Gaffur’s child. Meanwhile, Yilmaz and Mujgan continue their wedding preparationsAnd they argue with Fekeli on how to organize the wedding reception.

Episode aired on Thursday 9 February 2023

Fekeli would like to organize a party in styleHowever Yilmaz and Mujgan lean towards something more discreet. Meanwhile, Nazire finds a letter and gives it to the former mechanic. These are Zuleyha’s missives which, however, the Akkaya cannot read: it is covered with varnish.

Terra Amara Advances from 6 to 11 February 2023 Seher

Episode aired on Friday 10 February 2023

Given that Yilmaz cannot read Zuleyha’s letter, throw it away without knowing either what the content is or who the sender is. Meanwhile, chaos breaks out on the estate: Saniye learns that Seher is expecting a child by Gaffur.

Episodes aired on Saturday 11 February 2023

Ep. 1 Seher persistswhile Gaffur continues to deny. At the estate there is nothing but arguing. To restore peace, Hunkar and Demir decide to send the maid away pregnant, proposing her as a servant to Mr. Ekrem. Meanwhile, Mujgan is trying to get his mother to attend his wedding with Yilmazwhile the latter he confronts his future father-in-law, arriving even to threaten himin order to make him accept the invitation.

Ep. 2 Demir wants to buyand is willing to give it double, the shares that Yilmaz bought from Cengaver. Fekeliwho was informed by Hunkar, encourages the godson to accept. The Akkaya refuses, and accuses the godfather of being weak, since he lets himself be influenced by the feeling he has for the woman. In the meantime, Cengo explains to the former mechanic thatby buying its stock, the Yaman would become impoverished; like this, Yilmaz asks him for triple. Cetininstead, declares himself awkwardly in Gulten, which remains stunned. Meanwhile, Gaffur he comes kept at arm’s length from Saniye.

Bitter land airs on Channel 5 Monday to Saturday at 2.10pm.

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Terra Amara Advances from 6 to 11 February 2023, Seher is pregnant with Gaffur: Demir is sterile!

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