Terra Amara Advances January 7, 2023, Demir is a blind fury: Zuleyha is from Yilmaz!

The Advances of the Episode of Terra Amara broadcast on Saturday 7 January 2023 on Canale 5 reveal that Zuleyha flees with Adnan and goes to hide from Yilmaz! When Demir finds out he loses control …

Thanks to advances from the Channel 5 Turkish soap opera, Bitter landwe find that, in the bet broadcast on January 7, 2023at 14.10, Yilmaz and Mujgan have decided that they will get marriedeven without the parental consent of the latter. However, when the two lovers are celebrating their engagement, Zuleyha knocks on their door. The former seamstress is escaped from the estate with little Adnan after discovering that Demir tampered with the brakes on the Akkaya’s car. When the entrepreneur learns where his wife is hidingfurious, gives the order to his men to shoot wildly, until Altun is back in his arms. It starts like this a shootout to the death!

Terra Amara Advances: Mujgan marries Yilmaz!

Sevil wants that to be clear: Mujgan does not have his consent to marry Yilmaz. The moment the young man officially asked the woman for her daughter’s hand, he was denied her permission. Indeed, Sevil witnessed the Akkaya throw a tantrumand therefore, she doesn’t think he’s the right person for Hekimoglu. On the other hand, as much as she regrets not having received her mother’s blessing – let alone her father’s, the doctor has not the least intention to allow her parents to come between her and Yilmaz. Their engagement party is being held at Fekeli’s villa!

Terra Amara Advances: Zuleyha flees Demir to go to Yilmaz…

During the evening to celebrate the imminent marriage between the former mechanic and Mujgan, he suddenly arrives Zuleyha. The upset girl is not alone: she is holding little Adnan. The Akkaya does not hesitate to welcome her into their home. But what’s going on? The Altun she discovered that it was Demir who tampered with the brakes on her ex-boyfriend’s car, thus causing the accident that was about to cost her and her love rival their lives. After openly accusing him of being a murderer, Zuleyha took advantage of the chaos to escape with her little son

Demir is out of control, in the January 7, 2023 Advances of Terra Amara

When he learns that his wife, together with Adnan, has gone to take refuge from Yilmaz, the Yaman goes on a rampage. The latter goes to the villa of Fekeli with some men, whom he orders to shoot wildly at least until Altun decides to return to his arms. Godfather and godson return fireand, at some point, the Akkaya is hit in the back by a bullet. Zuleyha realizes that he can no longer stall: he has to please Demirto prevent the situation from escalating further. Hekimoglu is about to operate urgently on her fiancéwhile the former seamstress is about to suffer the wrath of her husband

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Bitter land airs on Channel 5 Monday to Saturday at 2.10pm.

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Terra Amara Advances January 7, 2023, Demir is a blind fury: Zuleyha is from Yilmaz!

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