Terra Amara, “SHORT” week advances 13-16 September 2022

Terra Amara 13-16 September 2022, previews

Bitter land 13-16 September 2022: what happens in the Turkish soap that airs in the afternoon slot of the day-time of Mediaset? Episodes air from Tuesday (in the case of this week) to Friday at 16:30 (and no more at 15:45) about on Canale 5 on TV and streaming on Mediaset Infinity.

Here are the weekly previews of Bitter land 13-16 September 2022!

From left: Vahide Perçin (Hünkar) and Kerem Alisik (Fekeli) in a scene from “Terra Amara”. Credits: Mediaset

Terra Amara will not air on Monday 12 September 2022

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The soap Terra Amara does not air Monday 12 September 2022 on Canale 5.

Terra Amara episode 51 Tuesday 13 September 2022

Hunkar (Vahide Perçin) forces Sermin (Sibel Taşçıoğlu) to apologize to Gulten (Selin Genç). It was not the latter who stole the jewels.

Veils (Mustafa Açılan) is summoned in the presence of Akif the blind.

Nazire (Teksin Pircanli), convalescing, with his son e Melekwho in this way will be able to go to school, are brought home from Yilmaz (Uğur Güneş).

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Hunkar would like to go with Saniye (Selin Yeninci) to the gynecologist. But she lied about her pregnancy. As a result, she finds herself forced to pretend she was wrong.

Yilmazon the day that Zuleyha (Hilal Altınbilek) turns her birthday, she plunges into sad memories. Meanwhile, she celebrates with Demir (Murat Ünalmış), who gives her a red car.

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Terra Amara episode 52 Wednesday 14 September 2022

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Demir wins the elections for President of the Chamber of Industry, not without suspicions of fraud. Fekeli (Kerem Alışık), therefore, urges his son not to be disheartened. May you continue to fight for the final victory!

In the hospital, the attempt to Gaffur (Bülent Polat) of suffocation of Yilmazcomes to the ears of Sabahattin. She used a pillow. Sabahattin (Turgay Aydın) thinks that Demir both the principal and confront him. The consequences are imaginable: Gaffur and Saniye (Selin Yeninci) are fired from Demir. They are forced to leave the estate. The two, having some savings aside, try to enjoy this free time like a vacation. Gaffur spoils Saniye and confesses his desire to open his own business.

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Terra Amara episode 53 Thursday 15 September 2022

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Yilmaz must accept the political defeat against Demir. The latter is elected President of the Chamber of Industry. A single vote of difference decides the winner.

In the Villa, Hunkar speaks out for the death of Veils with Sermin (Sibel Taşçıoğlu). Zuleyha he notices that the woman is desperate. Sermin she confesses to having had an affair with the man by which however she was deceived.

A pickpocket takes away all the money they have a Gaffur and Saniye. They are thus forced to seek asylum in the home of Sunaaunt of Gaffur. Saniye, however, he struggles to handle the situation. She throws her husband an ultimatum: if he won’t be able to convince her Yaman family to bring them back to live in the Villa, their story will come to an end. This threat carries Gaffur to act in a desperate way, to the point that it blackmails Hunkar.

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Terra Amara episode 54 Friday 16 September 2022

Zuleyha and Sermin they take a ride in the car, but not everything goes smoothly. When the car breaks down Yilmaz repairs it. Sermin tell the facts to Hunkarbut change them so that she doubts the fidelity of Zuleyha to Demir. Zuleyhafor her part, she can no longer bear her husband’s behavior, who considers her a simple object to show off.

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Demir does not know that Gaffur and Saniye they return to the Villa.

Zuleyhahowever, is aware that Gulten he never sent his letters to Yilmaz when he was in prison. As a result, he repudiates her as her friend.

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Terra Amara, “SHORT” week advances 13-16 September 2022

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