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A poorly reasoned action of Yılmaz Akkaya (Uğur Güneş) will trigger a series of unpredictable events in the next few Italian episodes from Bitter land. The male protagonist of the telenovela will in fact be able to escape from prison, but unfortunately he will not be able to meet his beloved again Züleyha Altun (Hilal Altınbilek).

Terra Amara, news: Yilmaz is arrested, Züleyha marries Demir

If you’ve read about it before, you already know that Hünkar Yaman (Vahide Perçin) will have Yilmaz arrested as soon as the master builder Gaffur Taşkın (Bülent Polat) will confirm that she is Züleyha’s mistress and is wanted in Istanbul for the murder of the rich and powerful Naci. After that, Mrs. Yaman will force poor Züleyha to marry her son Demir (Murat Ünalmış), stressing that he will have to pass the child in his womb as the legitimate heir of the kinsman.

A Machiavellian plan that Hünkar will carry out as he will have the suspicion that Demir is sterile. On the one hand the action of the matron will condemn Züleyha to a decidedly unhappy marriage, on the other hand Yilmaz will not resign herself to the idea of ​​having lost her beloved forever and, after having been sentenced to deathhe will get help from another prisoner to escape …

Terra Amara, spoiler: Yilmaz escapes from prison but …

In practice, Yilmaz will be stabbed by the man in the lower abdomen during a riot of the other inmates, which is why his transfer to the hospital will be necessary. A few days later, while he is still hospitalized, Yilmaz will then ask a attendant to accompany him to the bathroom and run away from a window.

Though wounded and bleeding, Yilmaz will reach Hünkar’s estate and threaten her by pointing a knife to her throat. When the woman appears to give in to confess where Züleyha is, Yilmaz will be stunned by Gaffur with a blow to the head. The master builder will then carry out his lady’s order and take our protagonist back to the police station, where he will be arrested again.

In short, Yilmaz will have put himself in danger for nothing and, what’s more, he will not see Züleyha for a second!

Terra Amara, plots: Yilmaz returns to prison

So how will the intertwined storyline continue? As soon as he finds out that he has set foot on the estate, Demir will not hesitate to go to Yilmaz’s cell and, after having hit him several times with kicks on the wound in the lower abdomen, will point a gun to the temple and will be about to shoot him. A murder that fortunately will not happen thanks to the timely intervention of Cengaver (Kadim Yaşar), Demir’s best friend.

Once he returns home, Demir later confesses to Hünkar that he has discovered that Yilmaz and Züleyha are actually lovers (and not brother and sister). The woman will therefore have no choice but to pretend to be surprised by the revelation, so much so that she will ask her son if she suspects that her wife’s child may not be hers. A hypothesis that the unsuspecting Demir will reject with force.

But after all these pitfalls, what will become of Yilmaz? For now, we can anticipate that the man will be taken back to prison where he will meet an “unwelcome” old acquaintance. Who will it be?

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Terra Amara: YILMAZ escapes from prison but … | Advances

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