The actress Beatrice Fazi and the “very famous” colleague who harassed her: “After that he went to buy milk for his baby”

The actress Beatrice Fazi is famous for the role of Melina in “A doctor in the family”. Born in Salerno in 1972moved to Rome in the 1990. Leads the program “Lucky you” on Tvsat2000. You have worked with masters such as Gigi Proietti and from February 7th will be in the theater with the show “Il più bell’addio”. Today in an interview with The print recounts an episode that happened to her in the year of her move to Romewhen he was 18 years. “I lived in an apartment with other girls who attended theEuropean Institute of Design. One evening we decide to go out to discover Rome. We catch up and wandering around we come across a set on theTiber Island. I prefer not to say which one, nor name names », she begins.

The very famous actor on the Tiber Island

There Beatrice Fazi and her friends meet «A very famous star! She was a little older than us and we loved her! He was already very famous at the time. Today it has become a major actor, director and producer. Between one take and another with the face of take that I find myself, I went to ask him for an autograph. So we start talking, I tell him about my dream of being an actress. And him then he asks me for my phone number: “So then I’ll have the person in charge of the extras call you: maybe from what comes what”. I leave him the fixed number of the house. A few days later he calls me and invites me for a coffee». Of course she accepts. Also because she thinks he’s taking her somewhere frequented by his friends. But that won’t be the case.

Milk for the baby

“All the way I tell him about my family, my aspirations. Until I realize that we have stopped in a very squalid, lost place. At that point he tries to kiss me. I push it away, embarrassed. Luckily he doesn’t insist », she says Fazi. But at that point something surprising happens: «But he says to me: “Look, I’m going down for a moment because I have to go to the bar to buy milk for the baby”. She had a little son and a wife at home! I didn’t run away from the car just because I didn’t know where we were. Then he dumps me on the first meter». Subsequently, the actress tells us, she proposed herself in some castings directed by the actor. But he never even let her audition.

The denunciations and the untouchables

According to Fazi it is useless to denounce: «Those who do certain things are untouchable people against whom there is no match. Unfortunately we still live in a strongly patriarchal society. And we women played our cards wrong. This is an apparent parity. Feminism has been eradicated. We didn’t want to become “like” men. In the end, we’re almost worse than them.” The actress also talks about the case of Fausto Brizzithe director under investigation for sexual assault subsequently archived: «It was a witch hunt, indeed a hunt for scapegoat. A fuss has arisen around only one so that all the rest will not be affected. In fact, nothing has changed.” While some women, in his opinion, are “accomplices of this system”.

Hamlet’s complaints

Fazi’s story comes after the recent complaints that have seen theHamlet Association. That he collected under the hashtag #let’s open Bluebeard’s rooms a series of stories of harassment of actresses by actors, directors And manufacturers. The actresses talked about their experiences Fioretta Mari, Valentina Melis, Pamela Villoresi, Clare Claudia, Julia Manzini, Barbara Giordano And Francesca Romana De Martini. Yesterday the Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano has proposed to cut the funds to the entertainment companies in which they discover themselves cases of violence against women.

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The actress Beatrice Fazi and the “very famous” colleague who harassed her: “After that he went to buy milk for his baby”

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