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We went to see what goes on behind the scenes and after the filming of one of the most loved series. The town, the big end-of-production party, the protagonists. A great exclusive of

The tenth season of one of the series favorite of television. A great success with audiences and critics, for once it sees it at the center Philip Timi, as Massimo, the grumpy, smart-brained bartender. None of the innumerable intrigues and crimes that torment him escape Pine forest, the charming seaside resort whose reality we will tell you about later.

Filippo Timi, Massimo in the Delitti del Barlume | Instagram

A seemingly peaceful village, old and sleepy. But capable of developing criminal plots capable of making Al Capone’s Chicago envious, and that the local police and judiciary would never be able to keep at bay without Massimo / Filippo Timi’s flair and ability to think outside the box.

In the beginning it was Marco Malvaldi

The highly successful series was born from the pen, or rather from the keyboard, of one of the most gifted Italian mystery writers: Marco Malvaldi, brilliant Pisan chemist born in 1974, who has found his way in the mystery novel, even more than in scientific research, in which he also boasts a very prestigious research doctorate.

Marco Malvaldi
The writer Marco Malvaldi, to whom we owe the idea of ​​the Delitti del Barlume |

In Malvaldi’s imagination, Pineta is a town located on the Tuscan coast, between Pisa and Livorno. But in the television transposition (actually quite free), the field of operations of Massimo & Co. has been relocated beyond the enchanting stretch of sea that divides the continent from one of the most extraordinary Italian tourist resorts: The Island of Elba.

Where is Pineta in the “reality” television

Here, in the setting of an island capable of great contrasts, made up of forests and barren and almost desert peaks, of pleasant tourist resorts and almost wild solitude, the series has found its home in Marciana Marina.

Marciana Marina "Pine forest"
Marciana Marina: “Pineta” in the Delitti del Barlume |

The smallest of the towns on the island, only five square kilometres, framed by crystal clear sea and the greenest and most luxuriant corner of Elba, is located on the north coast. It is known for its colours, its Saracen tower, its wedding favor squares, where locals and vacationers come together and for its tourist port, crowded with boats of all kinds, from old fishing boats, the workplace of the Ponza community to sailboats, to spectacular yachtsinhabited by a cosmopolitan and wealthy community, which can be found in the local bars and luxury restaurants.

Marciana Marina
Marciana Marina, the tourist port and the Saracen tower | Infoelba / Franco De Simone

A whole world that is very difficult to imagine in the images of a series that appears to be set in a somewhat dusty and sleepy village (although not unaware of the scourges of crime, without which the series would have no reason to exist…).

But at the same time, an ideal setting for setting a professional and sophisticated production like i Glimmer crimes, full of leading actors, and in need of relaxation and recreation, after the day of filming.

The Glimmer in reality

Anyone who knows Marciana Marina also knows the place where most of the series is filmed. A bar-shed that was purpose-built near the old port and the named location Cotton, which climbs uphill with its characteristic alleys, which overlook stony coves.

The Barlume in Marciana Marina |

Il Barlume, year after year, has become a presence, an almost monument, which gives physical substance to the great pride of the village for the series it hosts. A pride that is even expressed in the new access signs to the town which read: “Welcome to Marciana Marina – “Pineta” in The Delitti del Barlume”.

It is the small pride of a country that has become famous, even though it has never been identified or named, in a series that all of Italy sees and loves year after year.

The production and its rhythms

We at, lovers of the sea, of boating and of a location that is one of its most incredible paradises, wanted to be present in the final days of filming which will be broadcast in 2023, the eleventh.

Stephen Fresi
Stefano Fresi during the filming of the Delitti del Barlume | Instagram

The series is filmed with the favor of the mild and sunny climate of the Island of Elba, in the months preceding the peak of the tourist season. In the warm and sunny late springin time to give the last clapperboard at the end of June, before tourists and vacationers begin to flow in quantity and fill the town, to the delight of the residents, but with some logistical difficulties for the work of actors, operators, stagehands, and all that vase and colorful world that is behind the camera of an ambitious production such as The crimes of the Barlume.

A merry musical den

Throughout the month of June, this community, which doesn’t make many distinctions of roles, swarms during the day in the streets of the town and the surrounding towns, creating the scenes we will see on TV. And when evening falls, unwind and relax in the many facilities that Marciana Marina places at your disposal.

But it is especially found at the Yachting Bar, the place near the tourist port which is the real “den” of protagonists and crew. Here we eat a few toasts, a few plates of spaghetti, sipping a beer, a drink, chatting, relaxing and sometimes singing and dancing.

End of production party

There was a lot of singing and dancing this year too, especially at the party which, as per tradition, greeted the end of filming. A cheerful, magical, and open evening. Not a closed party, but a cheerful karaoke in which Stephen Fresi she got to showcase her amazing singing skills, while Philip Timi and the rest of the troupe relaxed and even let loose in songs and dances, together with those who had the opportunity to be there with them, to experience a unique and magical moment, to which we are pleased to invite the readers of Pontilenews.

In the holiday video we made you will find yourself singing, dancing and having fun with the protagonists of your most loved series. An extraordinary moment of celebration, the ideal aperitif for the main dish of the 2023 television season.

The tenth season of “The crimes of the Barlume”, which returns for three Mondays on Sky Cinema from 9 January, for three unforgettable Mondays, and with three new stories, all to be savored, with the same joy and light-heartedness of those who made them.

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The Barlume crimes: you’ve never seen it like this | Exclusive video behind the scenes –

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