The complete guide to La Porta Rossa 3, the last season: previews, cast and streaming

It took almost four years from the season 2 finalebut finally The Red Door 3 it is a matter of fact. The TV series created by Charles Lucarelli And Giampiero Rigosiwith Lino Guanciale, Gabriella Pession And Valentina Romani protagonists, is ready for its final act, a final season in which we will discover the fate of the various characters, especially of Cagliostro. Are you ready to welcome back the all-Italian supernatural drama? Then continue reading!

The Red Door, bets

First episode, January 11, 2023

First episode
Trieste. During a demonstration in defense of the environment, a blackout occurs which affects the entire city, causing unrest and problems of public order. Cagliostro he witnesses a car accident in which a person he knows very well dies. To solve the mystery that seems to lie behind the accident, Cagliostro will have to deal again with Vanessawho in the meantime has just completed his university career at the Parapsychology Study Center.

Second episode
The strange events that occurred during the blackout, on which Paulet and the police investigate to find out the causes, they block Anna in Trieste just when he is about to move to Siena to become a judge. He feels the presence of Cagliostro also in this new mystery and is convinced that a possible murder is hidden behind that inexplicable car accident. Meanwhile, a new premonition of danger takes shape in Cagliostro’s mind, which pushes him to try everything possible to mend the relationship with Vanessa.

La Porta Rossa 3, when is it on air?

The TV series is back on the air starting from Wednesday 11 January 2023, at 21:20on Raiduealmost four years after the second season, the finale of which was broadcast on March 20, 2019. The first episode, however, is available on RaiPlay already from Monday 9 January.

The Red Door 3, plot previews

It’s been three years since Vanessa (Valentina Romani) went away with Frederick (Carmine Recano) without looking back, leaving Cagliostro (Lino Guanciale) trapped between life and death. Today the girl attends a university in Slovenia, the Center for Studies of Parapsychology.

Cagliostro has broken all relations with her and, when Eleanor (Cecilia Dazzi) asks for his help to free her from the influences of that mysterious place, he refuses. Anna (Gabriella Pession) is about to leave the city, has won a competition to judge in Siena and is finally hoping for a new beginning for her and her daughter. The commissioner Paulet (Gaetano Bruno) is facing, at the same time, the problems of the city and an emotional mystery: although their relationship seemed to be booming, Star (Elena Radonicich) asked him for a break and disappeared.

One night, during a protest march against a high environmental impact power station – which also involves Philip (Pierpaolo Spollon)- the city of Trieste plunges into darkness. Among the drawbacks of the great blackout there is also a bad road accident: a vehicle goes off the road and crashes into an embankment.

The person who was driving dies. It is a death destined to change the fortunes of all the characters and lead them – for the last time – to investigate together with dramatic and unpredictable developments. Anna and Paoletto on one side; Vanessa and Cagliostro on the other, but with big news: in this case both could be guilty. They will suspect each other, while trying to figure out what is the invisible but very strong thread that has always linked them. Will they be able to find out, and in the end will Cagliostro be able to cross the Red Door?

La Porta Rossa 3, how many episodes are there?

In all, the episodes of the third and final season are eight, each lasting approximately 50 minutes. Raidue broadcasts them two at a time, for four first evenings and as many weeks. The last episode, therefore, goes on air on February 1st.

The Red Door 3, the cast

Virtually the entire cast of the first two seasons has been confirmed, led by the three protagonists Lino Guanciale, Gabriella Pession and Valentina Romani. However, there are also new characters.

Lino Guanciale is Leonardo Cagliostro: police commissioner who after being killed is unable to cross the red door that would make him go to the afterlife, but remains stuck in the world of the living;
Gabriella Pession is Anna Mayer: widow of Cagliostro and mother of their daughter Vanessa, in the third season she is about to move to Siena;
Valentina Romani is Vanessa Rosic: girl with supernatural powers that allow her to be the only one to see Cagliostro, who prevented him from crossing the Red Door. She left Trieste to study Parapsychology;
Gaetano Bruno is Diego Paoletto: policeman and Leonardo’s colleague, he embarks on a relationship with Stella (Elena Radonicich);
Elena Radonicich is Stella Mariani: policewoman and Leonardo’s ex-lover;
Pierpaolo Spollon is Filip: Vanessa’s ex, who is now trying to start a new life;
Cecilia Dazzi is Eleonora Pavesi: Vanessa’s mother, also gifted with the power to see ghosts;
Carmine Recano is Federico Testa: medium with which Vanessa decides to leave.

New characters

Katia Grego is Cristina Barbieri: Inspector who has just arrived in Trieste after an experience in the Antimafia;
Eugenio Krilov is Andrea Donda: Stella’s half-brother;
Roberto Zibetti is Ludovico Muric: entrepreneur supporter of renewable energies;
Nicola Panelli is prof. Gabriel Braida: professor at the Center for Parapsychology Studies;
Giulia Sangiorgi is ksenia Muric: best friend of Vanessa;
Paolo Mazzarelli is Luka Levani: caretaker of the Study Centre.

La Porta Rossa 3, director and screenwriters

The series is directed by Gianpaolo Tescariwhich takes the baton from Carmine Elijahdirector of the first two seasons. “Inheriting the destinies of a winning series is not easy: it is a challenge and it is a responsibility”he said. “It means interacting with a galaxy of characters already sculpted in character and introducing oneself into the already knotted plots of events, asking to develop one and the other, attesting to coherence with the past and proposing new, unexpected looks together: it means trying to reshape a rich narrative material of references to illuminate corners that may have remained opaque, or simply ready to flourish with further light”.

The serial subject is instead of Sofia Assirelli, Carlo Lucarelli, Giampiero Rigosi. Assirelli and Rigosi are also headwriters and wrote the screenplays with Lucarelli and with David Orsini.

Red Door 3, where was it filmed?

The location of the series remains Triestethanks to the collaboration with Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission. Among the places chosen for the third season, Palazzo Carciotti (headquarters of the Police Headquarters), the Old Port; the Opicina Power Plant; Living Palace; the Ausonia bathing establishment And the Sgonico quarry.

There will not be the Ursus, a pontoon-crane which has been an Asset of Cultural Interest since 2011: the structure, from which Cagliostro observed the city at night, is in fact under the knife for redevelopment works. In his place, Cagliostro will go at the Victory Lighthouse and to the Town Hall Tower in Piazza Unità. The shooting they started on 30 August 2021 and continued until December of the same year.

La Porta Rossa 3, the opening song

Since the first season, the theme song of the series is “It’s Not Impossible”written by Stephen Lentini And Charlie Winston and interpreted by the latter. The rest of the soundtrack is instead by Lentini, performed by the Rai National Symphony Orchestra. Furthermore, at the end of each episode, an original arrangement for choir, orchestra, percussion and synthesizer of the second movement is heard of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony curated by Lentini and performed by the group The City of Rome Contemporary Music Ensemble and by the Rai National Symphony Orchestra.

Will Porta Rossa 4 be built?

For now, a fourth season of the series is not planned, also due to Guanciale’s numerous commitments, dealing with other TV series and the theater. The Red Door 3 is therefore the last season of the series.

The Red Door 3 on RaiPlay

In addition to being broadcast on Raidue, it is possible to watch La Porta Rossa 3 in streaming on RaiPlay and on the app for smart TVs, tablets and smartphones. At this link the official page of the series, from which it is also possible to recover the first two seasons.

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The complete guide to La Porta Rossa 3, the last season: previews, cast and streaming

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