The designer Franchi: «I only hire“ anta ”women, they already have children and they work 24 hours a day». Then: “Misunderstood”

from Paola Caruso

The stylist at an event explained why in her company there is no place for young girls in important positions: I take them who work 24 hours. On social criticism and controversy. The reply on Instagram: I was misunderstood, my words exploited

Elisabetta Franchi he never mince words. The stylist, 53, makes his honesty his pride, as he explained in a direct Instagram on Moda Corriere some time ago. According to her, her spontaneity is a component of her success. But the latest statements you made during an event in Milan (Women and Fashion: the 2022 barometer, organized by PwC Italia and Il Foglio) have attracted an avalanche of criticism on social media. Basically, talking about women and work he explained why there is no place in his company for under 40s in senior positions. Because if young women are absent for two years for a maternity leave it is a problem. But when asked, she too had children working – remaining at the head of the fashion brand that bears her name – Franchi skipped over and moved on.

Here is what he said, as can be seen in a video posted on Twitter by Stefano Guerrera (who started a discussion with controversy). When you put a woman in a very important position then you cannot afford not to see her arrive for two years because that position is discovered – he said during the interview-meeting -. An entrepreneur invests time and money and if you are missing a problem, then I too, as an entrepreneur responsible for my company, have often focused on men.

It’s still: Today I have hired women but they are anta, this must be said, however still girls but grown up. If they were going to have children or get married they have already done so and so I will I assume that they have made all the halfway points and work 24 hours a day, this is important. In short, whoever signs a contract with his company must give total availability, day and night.

Open up heaven. Vitriolic comments flooded into Twitter. But there are also the ironies and comments of people who justify it. The argument holds court between those who are horrified at this reasoning and those who cannot believe it.

Elisabetta Franchi’s reply to the controversy can be read in her Ig stories. Here, the designer claims that there has been a great misunderstanding and that hers words have been exploited, specifying that 80% of his company consists of female shares, of which 75% consists of young women employed and 5% of female executives and managers. While the remaining 20% ​​are men, 5% are managers.

And he writes on his social account: Today my company is almost completely female. The subject under discussion at the event in which I participated was Price’s research entitled – Women and Fashion – which revealed that women do not hold important positions in today’s society. Why? Unfortunately, unlike other countries, it emerged that the Italian state is still quite absent, lacking the structures and aid, women are faced with a choice between family and career. As I pointed out, having a family is a sacrosanct right. Those who manage to reconcile family and career in any case subjected to enormous sacrifices, exactly like those I had to make.

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The designer Franchi: «I only hire“ anta ”women, they already have children and they work 24 hours a day». Then: “Misunderstood”

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