The Horoscope of Artemis for January 2023: here are the forecasts for all the zodiac signs

The stars can talk about it: here is the horoscope for January 2023 for all the zodiac signs according to Artemis.

January horoscope – Aries

Venus will be in Aquarius most of the month, which will ensure the sociability of the representatives of the fire sign. For them, friends will come first. In addition, Mars will be in Gemini, which will create an even more favorable atmosphere for friendly communication. The January horoscope Aries advises you to use communication to your advantage, achieving your goals. Also, the month will be filled with travel and adventure.

Horoscope for January – Taurus

The first month of 2023 for the representatives of the earth sign will not go too smoothly. The planets are in hostile signs for the bull. The Taurus January horoscope promises the support of Mercury and the Sun. Thanks to this, communication with others will develop successfully. However, this won’t be the best time to make strides towards your most important goals and build close relationships.

January horoscope – Gemini

For representatives of this sign, the first month of 2023 will bring crises and transformations. The reason for this is the Sun, which is in the house of these events. Gemini’s January horoscope promises internal and external changes. You have to be careful in your communication. Not everyone will be ready to hear the truth directly. Venus and Mars will support you and create a harmonious atmosphere in your love union.

January horoscope – Cancer

Representatives of this sign will feel the influence of Venus, which will be in the house of transformations. The horoscope for January 2023 for Cancer promises changes in your financial situation and personal life. They won’t always be good. Mars will continue to be in the house of fears, loneliness, apathy, which will only aggravate the situation and take away energy. The presence of the Sun nearby speaks of communication and can also suggest the presence of enemies and clashes.

Horoscope for January – Leo

The sun will provide representatives of this sign with good health and success at work. Also, the January horoscope for Leo promises happy holidays. The reason for this will be Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini. Retrograde Mercury and Mars will also have an impact. They will not let you do everything you have planned. It is best to transfer all commitments to the last week of January.

January horoscope – Virgo

Representatives of this sign are waiting for a meeting with people from the past. You may meet someone you were once in a romantic relationship with. The horoscope for January 2023 does not promise new romantic relationships for Virgo due to the fact that Venus is in the sixth house of daily affairs and health. This arrangement of planets will not allow feelings to flare up. More time should be devoted to the family.

January horoscope – Libra

Representatives of this sign will spend the first month of 2023 in the bustle of home improvement. Libra will also focus on nurturing relationships with relatives. The January horoscope promises close communication with loved ones on the most interesting topics. Also, thanks to the planets, the New Year’s weekend will be excellent. You will be able to successfully receive guests or pleasantly visit friends. Trips to distant relatives are possible.

Horoscope for January – Scorpio

Representatives of this sign are ready to meet numerous guests for a New Year’s party at home. The January horoscope promises success in communication. However, Mercury retrograde will not allow for more lasting romantic relationships to develop. In the first half of January, it is worth refusing to travel because of Mars in the 8th house of crises. It is also important to be careful when piercing and cutting objects and to be very careful on the road.

January horoscope – Sagittarius

All thoughts and forces will be directed to making money. All efforts will pay off if done in cooperation with someone you trust. The horoscope for January 2023 advises not to give up travel and new encounters. This will help make new effective contacts and achieve the goal you set for yourself. Changes in personal life are also possible.

Horoscope for January – Capricorn

The first month of 2023 will be a favorable period for the treatment and prevention of diseases. Capricorn’s horoscope for January promises a lot of work. Earth sign representatives will have several opportunities to spend money. The most effective time for starting new business and new projects will be the third decade of January. Your personal life and feelings will be in the background, but your relationship with your partner will become more serene.

January horoscope – Aquarius

Representatives of this sign will want to spend time alone. This wish should not be thwarted. The horoscope for January 2023 advises Aquarius to meet new people to establish profitable relationships in all fields. Indeed, intellectual activity will be particularly fruitful this month. Personal life will be fine, romantic relationship will be calm and very smooth.

January horoscope – Pisces

Representatives of the water sign will suffer from a lack of energy. The January horoscope predicts that many things will remain unsolved. You will have to communicate a lot and show more effort in business activities. All this will be conditioned by Venus and Mercury until January 18, after which the situation will change for the better.

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The Horoscope of Artemis for January 2023: here are the forecasts for all the zodiac signs

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