The incredible transformation of Hallelujah, the skinny dog ​​tied to a tree

They called it Hal, diminutive of Hallelujah, after Leonard Cohen’s famous song. And his story is as exciting as the song by the Canadian singer. The protagonist is a dog, or rather what was left of it: he was found on Easter morning, tied to a tree in southwestern Philadelphia, so poorly fed as to look like the skeleton of a living dog.

“It weighed only 43 kg. at the time of its rescue. Every bone in her body was visible to the point of looking like a skeleton. She had pressure sores everywhere, her tail was dying and the tip fell off soon after he arrived. The Pspca staff worked 24 hours a day to stabilize him, giving him intravenous drugs, treating his wounds and feeding him with frequent small meals throughout the day »tell the volunteers of the Main Line Animal Rescue.

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In the first two weeks of treatment Hal immediately showed his immense will to live, his strength as a fighter. But not only: «When we met him, we couldn’t believe how happy and sweet he was, despite everything he went through. During her initial examination, his tail, wrapped in a bandage, wagged its tail back and forth with such glee. He is still very, very skinny, but he took two pounds from saving him.

1654344674 347 The incredible transformation of Hallelujah the skinny dog ​​tied to

His recovery program first included meals gradually more and more consistent, less frequently, until he reached a normal diet. His tail was treated, but eventually they had to amputate it. Then again antibiotics for a skin infection and pressure sores, sadly common in emaciated dogs like him.

1654344675 394 The incredible transformation of Hallelujah the skinny dog ​​tied to

And all that care, and his great desire to recover, has led to a result where the images speak: another dog, where the bones are in their place, hidden by that body that has once again blossomed. A miracle, Hallelujah. “In case you need a reason to smile today, here’s Hal,” the volunteers say, adding, “If you don’t believe in miracles, you may have forgotten that you are. Keep shining Hal You are a Star! ».

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The incredible transformation of Hallelujah, the skinny dog ​​tied to a tree

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