The Izzo sisters: «Dad was a magnetic field, he told each one that it was his favourite. Ricky Tognazzi? He is our brother”

from Candida Morvillo

Fiamma and Giuppy and the twins Simona and Rossella: “Life, love, divorces”

The idea was of Simona: «Between Cain and Abel, Romulus and Remus and the Karamazov brothers, there was no story that expressed a relationship between brothers who do not hurt each other». The four Izzo sisters they all took up the challenge, writing the collective autobiography Four sisters, 8 marriages, 9 divorces, just released for Fabbri. Now, the Izzos are reunited for theirs first interview for four voices. In order of appearance in the world: Simona and Rossella, 69 years old, twins; Fiamma, 58, Giuppy, 54. Fiamma was a soprano also directed by von Karajanand now runs the family voice-over studio, with Giuppy voicing Dr. Meredith from
Grey’s Anatomy
since 19 years, Rossella who is also a director, Simona who is also an actress and screenwriter. put together, they directed and wrote a hundred filmsthey have dubbed three thousand and adapted fifteen hundred, then, there are nine children, sixteen grandchildren, a number of great-grandchildren that I won’t be able to figure out because an orderly conversation will prove impossible. There will also be a lightning participation of Ricky Tognazziwho has been with Simona for 35 years and is called “the sister”.

Am I wrong if I say that the figure of your father Renato is central, master of dubbing, very beautiful, who said to each one: are you my favorite?

Giuppy: «He used to tell me when I was close to him in the hospital. Adding: don’t tell the others. When he died, I confessed it to Fiamma to get rid of a burden and she started laughing.’

Rossella: «We discovered that he told everyone. He called me at night because he couldn’t sleep, I reached him and he: you are my favorite. We have all been plagiarized by the emotional charm of a handsome man, surrounded by beautiful actresses that he managed to make all of them play. He was a manipulator with a good intention ».

Giuppy: «You call it manipulation but, for me, it was a form of love: I would do this thing again with my children».

Simona: «After the stroke, the brain was intact, but the body was still. She was always in the garden watching the turtle doves. When he died, my garden was filled with turtle doves and I, every time: Dad’s there. It was a sign. Dad was a magnetic field, he would enter a place and turn off the televisions. A friend of his told me he stopped elevators. I think of him and the TV turns on, don’t you?” (chorus of no) «doesn’t dad do anything paranormal to you? Then I’ll be the favorite.”

Losing him, 13 years ago, what was it like?

Giuppy: «He was a great organizer of group lunches and trips, but when he passed away, we had to create the union that he assured us and we found ourselves even closer».

Simona: «But if I ask to see each other more! After dad, it was the diaspora».

Rossella: «But if we see each other a lot, what do you say?».

Fiamma: «Simona feels left out because the three of us see each other every day at work».

Simona describes herself as the most “annoying, obsessive, meddling, full of unsolicited advice”.

Fiamma: «I can’t find it».

Yet, in the book he writes that he claimed to choose the very floor of his house.

Fiamma: «The one on the patio. I had bought the tuff and she: we need staves. She exhausted me, I put the slats in and, now, she can’t walk on them: she gets red-hot».

Simona: «I was right: tuffs ruin your feet».

Your best memory?

Fiamma: «I think the many trips with dad».

Simona: «It may sound bad, but the painful moments are more cohesive. When my niece Miriam, Rossella’s eldest daughter, had an accident on her moped and ended up in a coma, we all started working».

Giuppy: «The best moments are those with you and my children, who live in Amsterdam: without them, I suffer from cosmic melancholy».

In the title “Four sisters, 8 marriages, 9 divorces” the accounts don’t add up: there can be a maximum of eight divorces.

Simona: «Here comes my Ricky, the only husband who has resisted for decades. We imposed the preface on him as four erinyes. At first, he didn’t understand the math title. We explain to him that, at a certain age, you can only go by numbers: how many mortgages, how many boyfriends, how many films… So, he asks: who is the ninth divorce? And we, in chorus: it’s a warning for you. Ah, here he is, come Ricky…».

The ladies said she was the longest-lived of husbands.

Ricky: «The numbers are inaccurate: in my opinion, we should consider not only husbands, but cohabitations, boyfriends».

Fiamma: “Between me and Rossella, in cohabitation, I don’t know who wins, other than eight, nine…”.

Ricky: «More than divorces, I would talk about funerals: I lost a lot of ex brothers-in-law, disappeared, never seen again».

Giuppy: «But when ever: I hear from my son’s father, I work with my daughter’s father».

Ricky: «I must have confused myself with another family».

Simona: «Dad used to say: when you drive them away, bury them in the garden».

Fiamma: «He always kept a bottle of champagne in the fridge. If you asked him why, he answered her: for when he will tell us that she is leaving ».

Ricky: «I am the next one aware that one day he must die. I’m going, have a good day».

Simona: «He is the avenger of the brothers-in-law, but if you leave him, continue to keep him».

Rossella: «Sure, on Sundays she makes wonderful risottos».

Legendary are Ricky and Fiamma’s lunches and dinners.

Simona: «The legendary phrase of Christmas is “it’s just us”: 40 or 45».

Why are Simona and Rossella called the “sisters”?

Simona: «Because we are mothers and sisters. We belong to a different generation: Fiamma and Giuppy we carried as girls on our shoulders in the squares of 1968».

Giuppy: «But the difference in age, over time, is no longer felt. The beautiful thing between sisters is that, when you grow up, you choose yourself: sisters happen to you, but the goal is to stay. We stayed.”

How much is the twinning between Simona and Rossella felt?

Simona: «We heard each other’s birth. When he gave birth to her, I ended up in the emergency room in pain. Hysterical, they told me.’

Rossella: «When she had knee surgery, I thought: I don’t know what Simona had today, but if you touch me with a finger, I’ll cry».

Simon: “Me. To say that my sisters are all very caring and at the same time managers with high heels. It’s a teaching from mom, that she’s always well-groomed, elegant. She stuffed dad with music, literature, cinema and allowed him to have a big family. And I want to add that we have the Brontë syndrome: together, we always create something and we have always helped each other. The beauty is that between brothers and sisters anything can be said, because the bond is so strong that you can always go back. The strength of brothers is that, if they don’t go so far as to kill each other, they will be united forever».

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The Izzo sisters: «Dad was a magnetic field, he told each one that it was his favourite. Ricky Tognazzi? He is our brother”

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