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The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II arrived in Edinburgh, crossing the Queensferry Bridge, a bridge dedicated to the sovereign and inaugurated by her in 2017. Tomorrow it will be exhibited for a first public homage in the palace of Holyroodhouse, the official royal residence in the city.

It was in the village of Ballater, the Scottish town closest to the residence of Balmoral, the first tribute of the people to the coffin of Elizabeth II, passed slowly in procession on its way to Edinburgh. The locals, who knew her almost entirely in person, gathered en masse in front of the church overlooking the village: where the queen used to go to mass on Sundays with other royals when she was in Balmoral. In recent days the reverend Iain Greenshields, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, one of the last people to have met the sovereign, recalled in the British press the solid personal faith attributed to Her Majesty: even beyond the roles of head of the Anglican Church, protector of the Scottish Church and ‘defensor fidei’ linked to her titles (transmitted now to King Charles). Greenshields said he found the queen still as lucid as she was aware.

He added that she talked to him about “the afterlife” and about her “love for Prince consort Philip”, who passed away almost a year and a half ago after 73 years of marriage. as if to underline the hope of a new meeting. Start today the last voyage of Queen Elizabetha towards the final home of his burial.

Regina, the motorcade with the coffin leaves Balmoral Castle

Crowd wings are gathering along the way to pay tribute to the sovereign at the passage of the procession. In the capital of Scotland, the public giveaway is scheduled for 24 hours on Monday, then on Tuesday the coffin will be flown to London to Buckingham Palace and from Wednesday it will be exhibited for 4 days in the Palace of Westminsterbefore the solemn state funeral scheduled for Monday 19.

The Scottish capital is determined to give the queen a final farewell with all honors and everything is ready for the two-day tribute: the center presents itself this morning shrouded in silence as police officers guard it. A handover ceremony will also take place in Scotland today with the proclamation of the new king, Charles III, first on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh at the end of the morning and then in the castle of the city. Tomorrow the Scottish capital will be the scene of another traditional and evocative ceremony, the ‘Ceremony of the Keys’: an ancient custom that provides for the delivery of the keys of Edinburgh to the new king who returns them to the city so that he can keep them in the best possible way.

The hearse came out of the main gate of the residence – a retreat favored for decades by Elizabeth and her late consort Filippo – greeted by two guards at attention and took the avenue to reach the main road: inside the coffin with the Mortal remains of the queen was covered by the royal standard of the Windsor house.

Behind the vehicle with the coffin, a Rolls Royce with on board the Princess Anna, the second-born 72-year-old daughter of Her Majesty, and her husband, Vice Admiral Tim Lawrence. So some spare Range Rovers. The Princess Royal, a title attributed to Anna, will accompany the remains of her mother throughout the journey to
Edinburgh. And then for the next one to London in the next few days.

Meanwhile, the new King Charles III, having completed the ceremonies of his formal proclamation and briefly met yesterday with the cabinet council of the British government of Liz Truss, is planning today a meeting with the representatives of the Commonwealth: a body that brings together countries of the former empire of which he is honorary president.

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The last voyage of Queen Elizabeth, the first stop in Edinburgh – World

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