The model Cara Delevingne has been locked in the house for days: the alarm of her friends for her depression

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Among the most requested models in the world, muse of various designers, discovered by Karl Lagerfeld, she has never made a secret of fighting depression. Two weeks ago the last photos, in great excitement

His mother Pandora, “the most beautiful in London”queen of Chelsea’s 80s nightclubs and most exclusive parties, at the height of beauty and popularity she sank into what she now calls «The shattered mirror depression, bipolar disorder, heroin addiction. “I was always looking for something – a drink, a drug, anything to get me out, to no longer be myself and become another person, self-confident, without fears or anxieties,” she wrote. Pandora Delevingne in his autobiography.

Rereading these lines today makes an impression: now that Cara Delevingne, 30 years old – the youngest of Pandora’s three daughters – actress, one of the most sought-after models in the world and muse of many designers (Karl Lagerfeld discovered her: of the three sisters she was the least classically beautiful, but the most interesting), she seems to have been swallowed up by same shattered mirror. Two weeks ago the photographers they portrayed her in a seemingly confused state at a rock festival with the super short shorts revealing legs covered with red dots, like stings of some kind, surrounded by bruises, and with the same dots on one arm.

A few days ago it was filmed – and then immediately bounced on TikTok where it has 2.5 million followers – at Van Nuys airport, Los Angeles, that of the stars’ private flights, barefoot and distraught, Britney Spears t-shirt, black jogging pants with green yellow and red stripes. Two hours late, she boarded the plane of Jay-Z, Beyoncé’s rapper husband, to disembark a few minutes later. They filmed her on the track in a state of great excitement, her frantic movements while she was on the phone making her iPhone fall to the ground several times until a black SUV came to pick her up, and the paparazzi in traffic they photographed her with her feet – colored socks – swinging out the window. She had recently posted on Instagram – she has more than 42 million followers – a message: «Happy birthday even if late @karllagerfeld. What an honor that collection #CaraLovesKarl is now available! I’m so proud of it. ” She collaborated with the brand founded by Lagerfeld, who passed away three and a half years ago, for a collection that was presented at New York Fashion Week at a big party all for her, but Cara wasn’t there.

The gossip site Tmzwho beyond the often brutal and indefensible tones achieves numerous scoops, wrote that Cara’s friends and family have taken action: Margot Robbie, very close to Delevingne since they starred together in “Suicide Squad” six years ago (they went on holiday to Spain together in August), she has been seen leaving the model’s house in tears, carrying a trolley and a transparent bag of what appeared to be medicines. . And she from London she arrived in Los Angeles immediately Poppy, 36, the sister Cara is closest to, she also model.

Cara has always spoken openly about hers fight against depression diagnosed in high school, of the pain experienced in seeing her mother succumb to as a child recurrent phases of bipolar disordersuicidal ideation and the only way he knew to fight anxiety when the meds didn’t work: scratching his legs until they started to bleed.

In an admirable frank interview with Vogue American, seven years ago, admitted that “when I see that things are going too well, I do something to sabotage everything.” Just now that everything was fine – the collaboration with the Lagerfeld archive that could definitively consecrate her as a stylist, Hollywood who, like everyone else, was fascinated by her, the supermodel who makes faces. Girl interrupted by the most exclusive English schools who since childhood she went around not with the laces bought by her mother but with the Chelsea shirt or the destroyer camouflage of her Majesty’s army, pansexuality declared without problemsabsolute indifference to the opinions of others.

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The model Cara Delevingne has been locked in the house for days: the alarm of her friends for her depression

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