The Paradise of the Ladies 7, Moisè Curia on Tv Soap: “Marco will reserve more surprises. Something will happen that no one expects”

Last year, during the sixth season of The Paradise of the Ladieshis character got involved in a love triangle with the “stepsisters” Stefania Colombo (Grace Ambrose) e Gemma Zanatta (Gaia Bavaro). Let’s talk about the scion and journalist Mark of Sant’Erasmoniece of the countess Adelaide (Vanessa Gravina); the character is played by Moisè Curiawhich we met in Rome on the occasion of the presentation of the seventh vintage of the daily fiction of Rai 1.

After weeks of indecision and several “deceptions” engineered by Gemma, Marco finally chose to be with Stefania, the girl he really loved. A turning point that will reserve several surprises in the next episodes broadcast from 12 September 2022, given that the young Sant’Erasmo will also have to manage the arrival of his brother Tancredi in Milan. Just as Moisè told us in this interview …

Hi Moisè, welcome to Tv Soap. Let’s talk about Marco. What do you like about him and what aspects do you feel most distant from?

Marco is a character that is very distant from me, which is why I really like him a lot. He is distant from me. He comes from a very rich family. He is a character who has many nuances and contrasting inner motions. I really care about this thing.

The things I would like to discover about Marco are the “unspoken”, what we have not told. Like his travels to Turin, his life with his brother Tancredi, his constant ups and downs. Those are the elements that I miss about him.

For the rest, I like Marco very much because he gave me the opportunity to range between the great wealth of high society and the most absolute poverty, passing through Stefania, the Venus, Paradise. He has a very interesting story arc …

Speaking of the narrative arc, last year we saw Marco contended between Gemma and Stefania. I have two questions: who did you prefer, Moisé, between the two? And what it was like to interpret the boy’s indecision, given that initially it was not clear what he thought …

Marco’s indecision was a beautiful thing, however difficult it was. Staying with two feet in one shoe is always very difficult even in normal life. However, this phase gave me the opportunity to explore a hidden part of the character, his fragility, his being able to open up with Stefania, in all respects, as he had not done with Gemma.

As for my preference, I will give you an answer that maybe can also be taken for granted. In fact, I don’t have this preference. Grace and Gaia are two very different actresses and both of a great level. It is very different to relate to them as actresses. On the one hand I have Gaia, who has a much more raw and tense way of telling Gemma, on the other Grace has Stefania, who is told with more love and with a childish part that has taken precedence over what is the narrative arc of the character.

That’s why I tell you that I don’t have a preference. With both of them I tried to give what could be fairer.

As far as you can tell me, this year we will also meet Tancredi, Marco’s brother. In general, what should we expect from such a relationship this season?

Marco will reserve one or more surprises this year. Something will happen that no one expects and Tancredi will arrive, with whom Marco will have a lot to say. They will have so many things to talk about.

And with Stefania? I guess she won’t go smoothly, right?

With Stefania… let’s see!

Do you have any extra soap projects?

I have a movie coming out called Pio La Torre – Now it’s up to us, directed by Walter Veltroni. It will be released in December. Also, I’m writing my first movie. I hope it will see the light very soon. Right after the series, I will then start shooting another movie. Let’s say it’s a good time.

Is the soap very busy?

Yes, it takes a lot of effort. I’ve been here for nine months. However, I am happy to be part of the cast. I took it with great enthusiasm and happiness because it gave me the opportunity to face a very large audience that today stops me on the street and somehow embraces me from afar. I feel very close to him, he has given me the opportunity to make myself known even better and to enhance what had been previous jobs.

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The Paradise of the Ladies 7, Moisè Curia on Tv Soap: “Marco will reserve more surprises. Something will happen that no one expects”

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