The Pupa and the Nerdy, final to forget: Barbara D’Urso focuses on pearls but the mistake is fatal

The new edition of The Pupa and the Nerdy has come to an end: a reality show that has always been very popular, which has seen Barbara D’Urso to the conduction. Some controversy, “crazy” looks, as the presenter herself had announced and, above all, that pepper that only she can bring to a TV show. For the Grand Final, she decided to show off a very special dress: a long dress in a black and white pattern, like a “Queen”, with a cape covering her shoulders and a white flower as a brooch.

The Pupa and the Nerdy, the final: the look of Barbara D’Urso

In the course of the return to TV de The Pupa and the Nerdy we got to witness various looks by Barbara D’Urso: someone convinced more than others, we must say, between unforgettable tops and flops. After all, we already knew: her outfits would have honored a style icon, aka Coco Chanel. A bit of a “shock” in her mix, but Barbara got us used to her looks over time. “An ironic tribute to the iconic lady of fashion”, that’s how she defined the choice of clothes.

For the final, he could not fail to conclude in “beauty”, which however did not particularly shine, on the contrary: it was a fatal mistake. Paying homage to Coco Chanel was a great idea: we are talking about a woman who represented (and revolutionized) women’s fashion in the world. The Long dress of D’Urso for The Pupa and the Nerdy it turned out to be “too” burdened by the cloak, a detail that added nothing on the whole and that we can define as a fatal mistake.

Of course, her outfit was not lacking in precious additions: sparkling earrings, jewels, a cascade of pearls with her initials – which we cannot help but love – a collected bun and a make-up, which, instead, made her stand out. particularly. Her entry into the studio was scenic, however, we must say: it is in her style to amaze her, to leave you speechless.

The new edition did not fully convince

At the base of The Pupa and the Nerdy there has always been that entertainment that conquers, intrigues, keeps you glued to the screen in some way. However, the return did not convince, at least not completely. There has been some criticism, and there was no lack of controversy, which are so much part of D’Urso’s television background. The strategy of putting Barbara in charge did not bring the hoped-for share: she had been called to raise the numbers of Italia 1.

The last appointment of the show did not disappoint expectations: between lightness and some exciting and “highlight” moments, Barbara D’Urso he finished his job with enthusiasm, keeping the line of management that he never betrayed or set aside. This is an aspect that has had a weight in the overall judgment of The Pupa and the Nerdy: perhaps something new was expected, or something different from the usual dynamics.

The question (more than legitimate) is: we will review the show on TV? We will have to wait a while for confirmation, which is not even so obvious. In fact, a lot also depends on D’Urso herself, whose contract with Mediaset expires in December.

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The Pupa and the Nerdy, final to forget: Barbara D’Urso focuses on pearls but the mistake is fatal

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