The umpteenth flop of a 10-year judicial persecution

It was May 2010 when the “Ruby case” when Karima El Marough is arrested for a theft. From that moment on Silvio Berlusconi began a media and judicial persecution that sees him as the protagonist in three trials.

The first concerns the alleged red light parties that would have taken place in the Arcore villa and in which Ruby would also have participated. In February 2011, the prosecutors asked for the trial with immediate rite for Silvio Berlusconi which will then be indicted for the crimes of extortion and child prostitution. The so-called “Olgettine” parade in the courtrooms and on June 24 Berlusconi was sentenced to 7 years in prison, one more than those requested by the prosecution. Sentence that also provides for the perpetual disqualification from public office. On 18 July 2014, however, Berlusconi was acquitted on appeal with full formula because, as regards the charge of extortion, “the fact does not exist”, while the charge of child prostitution, “the fact does not constitute a crime”. On 10 March 2015, the Cassation confirmed the acquittal. All finished, then? No.

Simultaneously with this first trial, the “Ruby encore” with the prosecutors of Milan and the assistant prosecutor Ilda Boccassini investigating Lele Mora, Nicole Minetti and Emilio Fede for induction and aiding and abetting prostitution, including underage prostitution. This second judicial line ends only in 2019 with the conviction of all three defendants and does not concern Berlusconi only because for him we proceed with the abbreviated procedure. For the Knight, however, the judicial ordeal continues with the trial Ruby ter when, on January 3, 2014, the chief prosecutor of Milan Edmondo Bruti Liberati announced the opening of a new investigation that stems from the decision to transmit the documents of the Ruby and Ruby bis trials to the Prosecutor’s Office. There are 45 people under investigation for various crimes including corruption in judicial documents, perjury and disclosure of secrets. Berlusconi is therefore accused of having “bought” the silence of the witnesses in the various trials to prove his innocence. Among the various suspects there are also the lawyers of the leader of Forza Italia Niccolò Ghedini and Piero Longo (their position is then archived), numerous “olgettine”, the singer Mariano Apicella and the senator Maria Rosaria Rossi.

On May 2, 2016, the judicial persecution becomes perverse because the judge “breaks up” the process in 7 different courts: Monza, Treviso, Rome, Pescara, Siena and Turin. Berlusconi, in the spring of 2018, was indicted in Milan, together with 23 other suspects. In February 2020, the first request for a sentence for Berlusconi to 4 years and 2 months in prison for corruption in judicial documents arrives from Siena. The prosecution believes that the Knight paid the Sienese pianist from Arcore, Danilo Mariani, to induce him to give false testimony in the Olgettine case. On 21 October 2021 the court of Siena acquitted both Berlusconi and Mariani with the formula because the fact does not exist. The acquittal of the court of Rome is today, but it is only the second victory of an ordeal that is not over yet and that has lasted for more than 10 years because some prosecutors are unable to accept the defeats they suffer in the Courtroom. They are magistrates who seem want to retrace the footsteps of Pier Camillo Davigo who once said: “Whoever is acquitted does not mean that he is innocent, but only that no evidence has been found against him…”.

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The umpteenth flop of a 10-year judicial persecution

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