There is a Secret Word for every Zodiac Sign, here they are all and why they are important

Let’s find out what the secret word is for each Zodiac Sign: according to experts it is also “mantric“, that is, it serves to enhance our peculiarities.

Reciting a “mantra”, according to experts, creates vibrations in the body which then also act deeply in the mind.

each Zodiac Sign

We can recite mantras to better manage emotions, overcome anxiety and also achieve more concentration, as well as increase self-awareness. Naturally, according to one’s inclinations we can follow mantras of various kinds. But today we are dealing with “binding” this power to a single word, associated with each Zodiac Sign.

There is a Secret Word for every Zodiac Sign, here they are all and why they are important

And who knows, maybe we’ll have fun repeating it to ourselves, perhaps to resolve an issue that we care deeply about. Or we could remember it to immediately identify the personality of someone we know. In any case, let’s find out together which word the expert Astrologers associate with the Signs.

It is basically afun activity, and we can exploit it in everyday life. For example, we can figure out how correctly interpret the signals “cryptic” of a Scorpio; or how to handle Gemini’s tendency to envy; or again, how to make i fall in love Zodiac signs less prone to lasting relationships.

Obviously we always remain in the “playful” area since as we know Astrology is not an exact science. But we cannot deny that it offers many food for thought. Today in fact, it gives us one more idea for exploit certain aspects of character to our advantage. This is thanks to the association of a secret word for each Sign.

All the secret words associated with the Zodiac Signs

  • Aries: Inventive – The word is already very beautiful in itself: with creativity it is possible to overcome any challenge, even the most difficult. Aries usually have strong characters, which can be frightening, but in reality it is their ingenuity that always makes them go straight towards their goals.
  • Taurus: Unwavering – The secret word assigned to the Taurus is actually an invitation, not to collapse precisely. Tauruses are generally strong personalities, but they often have moments of weakness, because they don’t like sudden changes. They can then use this word to take courage when needed.
  • Gemini: Intelligent – In this case, astrologers want to remind Gemini that they can also count on their intelligence. In fact, Geminis are too often seen – and appreciated – because they are playful and nice. But they have so much misunderstood potential to make use of.
  • Cancer: Intuitive – If there is one characteristic that distinguishes Cancerians, it is empathy. But those born of the Sign boast a form of sensitivity that is very close to foresight. Cancers – and those who know them – need to remember that when they “hear” something, they are 99% right.
  • Leo: Vital – Those born of this Sign certainly do not lack vitality, that’s why this is the right word for them. It can also serve as a warning, however: Leos can’t always overdo it, there are also moments in which they can withdraw from the scene, and no one will judge them.
  • Virgo: Experts – Those born with the Sign are also defined as “the eagle eyes of the Zodiac” and we can guess why. However, the secret word is ambivalent: being an expert is an advantageous condition, but Virgos must not forget that you never stop learning.
  • Libra: Brave – A bit like for Taurus, the word mantric for Libras it is an invitation, to take courage precisely. Those born in the Sign are notoriously “undecided” because they would like to please everyone and everything. But sooner or later a position must be taken.
  • Scorpio: Complexes – Not to be confused with “complex”, the word assigned to Scorpios represents a synthesis of what they actually are. Creatures difficult to understand, who examine for a long time before trusting and who have many dark sides.
  • Sagittarius: Outgoing – The word “expansive” should be understood in all its meanings in this case. Not only are Sagittarius sociable, but they have the ability to expand their culture, their essence and their nature thanks to the adventurous spirit, which often also expands the physical boundaries around them.
  • Capricorn: Tenacious – There is no doubt that those born in the Sign are really inclined to never give up. They work hard until they have achieved all of their goals. The secret word can offer even more support when the going gets tough.
  • Aquarius: Eccentrics – Almost for granted, those born under the Sign of Aquarius are given this word. In fact, their nature is exactly that. Perhaps some of the Sign need to remember this from time to time, when an invisible “cage” is being created around them.
  • Pisces: expressive – Beautiful secret word, which can be associated with different things. Expressive in an emotional sense, therefore capable of excellent communication. Or expressive in art and in the creative sector. Perhaps also an invitation, however, to better express what they desire and not to lock themselves up in the bubble of dreams that they often build themselves.

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There is a Secret Word for every Zodiac Sign, here they are all and why they are important

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