Tiziano Ferro in depression: “the obligation to solitude, suicidal thoughts”, a terrible truth

Tiziano Ferro, a guest at Verissimo, confessed difficult secrets from his past. The singer with an open heart with Silvia Toffanin. The man talks about himself in a difficult interview. Let’s see in the details.

Tiziano Ferro is one of the most loved and appreciated singers in Italy and abroad. For twenty years on the crest of the wave, the man has collected hits after hits becoming a symbol of music in our country and in the world. Unfortunately, however, the saying applies to him: all that glitters is not gold.

His private life was certainly very complicated above all because over time he had to suffer the media pressure of curiosity about his love affairs. For years Tiziano Ferro has kept his true nature hidden for fear of the judgment of others but now, finally at peace with himself, he hashe decided to get completely naked and tell the difficult moments of his life.

Guest at Verissimo, the program hosted by Silvia Toffanin, Tiziano Ferro confessed the demons of his past and his story left the audience completely blown away.

The interview with Verissimo

To Verissimo, Tiziano Ferro confided in Toffanin in a special episode dedicated to him. The man spoke of his difficult childhood, the bullying suffered as a teenager, his relationship with success and falling into depression. Here are his words about the unexpectedly won fame:

“I couldn’t believe it when they told me I was handsome and good. I felt out of place and, now, I can say that I didn’t experience it very well at the time.”

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The worst moment of his existence, Ferro recalls his transfer to Mexico and the subsequent move to England. This is his story: “In England, however, anonymity has become the obligation of solitude. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror anymore: I didn’t make friends, I didn’t go to school, I hit the lowest ebb.

There I also began to come to terms with my homosexuality: I was subjected to mobbing, everyone asked me who I was with, who I wanted, every interview was anguished because I knew they would ask me that question. I felt like I was in eighth grade again. I was scared and I felt flawed and England made the idea of ​​solitude into law. There my relationship with drink and alcohol exploded, for the worse, this annihilation of the mind.

In London, Titian had sought a solitude which, however, had made him even more alone: “I didn’t ask for help because I didn’t think I needed it, I just thought I was born defective. The first breakthrough came in 2008, because I couldn’t talk to a person without feeling them pointing a finger at me thinking I was gay.

I felt cornered, I was a sociopath and at that point I started going into analysis, I embraced a condition of beauty, I started talking to friends and family and it was automatic to talk to everyone.”

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Tiziano Ferro spoke of the deep depression that struck him and which also led him to have suicidal thoughts: “The goal of depression is to see you down. Depression is smart, it convinces you that your comfort zone, that of pain, is okay.”

The singer is currently experiencing a period of joy and rebirth mainly thanks to the love of his partner and that of his two beautiful children. The family lives in Los Angeles surrounded by friends and Tiziano has finally found the serenity he needed.

Here are his words about it. “When you resign yourself to the fact that reality, if it isn’t beautiful, is your fault and therefore you simply have to take it over. I have lived most of my life with this awareness. Then the miracle, that thing that happens against all odds.”

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Tiziano Ferro in depression: “the obligation to solitude, suicidal thoughts”, a terrible truth

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