“Today yesterday tomorrow”. Belen, dedicates it to De Martino on Instagram. And she thinks of the third child

Belen Rodriguez And Stefano De Martino they are now a couple in all respects. It’s been a long time since the first rumors ran after each other, making us dream. But, above all, ten years have passed since their first love story, from which their son Santiago was born. The second time seems to be the “right” one, from the moment in which, it is rumored, the presenter would even be ready for the third child. And on Instagram, meanwhile, Belen remembers (and celebrates) their past, present and future.

Belen Rodriguez, dedicates it to Stefano De Martino on Instagram

“Recuerdos de hoy, de ayer, de mañana”. They are happy, more than ever. They are together, united, against all odds. The reunion between Belen Rodriguez And Stefano De Martino it is simply one of a kind. Both went on after the separation, they had other flirts, other loves. But theirs remained dormant, somewhere: waiting to be realizedor to find the right “moment”.

The Instagram post by Belen it is no coincidence at all. No, the couple waited a long time before even showing up on social media, so much so that it was thought that their flashback was not real. Instead, not only is it all true, but the bond appears to be consolidated more than ever. Perhaps, like never before. And that’s how it is the presenter is thinking about her futurein the arms of Stefano, who has never (really) abandoned.

Belen would be ready for the third child

The Argentine presenter and the host were filmed by photographers from Who, who dedicated a long service to their escape to the sea, but not only. Why, according to rumors, Rodriguez would be ready for the third child, and with Stefano. It must be said that the Belen’s desire for motherhood this is not new: he had also announced it a very truein Silvia Toffanin’s living room.

Also Stefano had not ruled out the possibility of becoming a father again: the confession had been made to Mara Venier a Sunday In. “Maybe yes, I became a dad soon”. His words, therefore, had given way to possibility and not to negation. He who knows that the couple does not decide to take this further step together after choosing to try again.

The holiday in Ponza and the jealousy of Belen

In addition to the dream of enlarge the family, of course, there is the desire to live, to be together. So they meet in their spare time, between one shoot and another – Belen is committed to the new season of You Yes Que Vales and De Martino was a great protagonist of the Tim Summer Hits together with Andrea Delogu.

And just the feeling with the Delogu did not go unnoticed. It would appear that Rodriguez was jealous of the harmony on the stage, but they are just rumors. The couple still enjoyed a magnificent holiday in Ponza, where complicity and harmony were not lacking at all. The second chance they gave to their love is really making everyone dream: as they say, after all, Omnia vincit amor.

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“Today yesterday tomorrow”. Belen, dedicates it to De Martino on Instagram. And she thinks of the third child

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