Today’s horoscope Tuesday 20 September 2022: super hot Virgo and Taurus

Horoscope for all zodiac signs

Today’s horoscope, Tuesday 20 September 2022, and forecasts sign by sign about love, work and luck. In the air there is a great passone, given by the Sun in Virgo trine to Pluto, the planet of visceral feelings and needs.

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Horoscope for all zodiac signs

Today’s horoscope, Tuesday 20 September 2022, and the forecasts on love, work and luck for all the zodiac signs. With the Sun in a perfect trine to Pluto, the day immediately turns out to be particularly passionate.

Half measures are not contemplated, especially with the Moon in Cancer so sensitive and sensitive!

With the Moon in the astrological sign of Cancer, in fact, I would say that the lucky sign today is the Taurus while the Aries the unfortunate sign.


Confusion reigns supreme in your little head, so much so that you even struggle to choose which team is your favorite at X-Factor. This is the time to learn how to handle Mercury in opposition with logic and linearity. A pair of glasses with thick lenses like myopia bottle bottoms will not help you clear the situation.

Today's horoscope for Aries

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Aries

Love: here there are absolutely no doubts.
Work: put all your ideas in the drawer.
Health: basic hasana level, otherwise you just get tangled up.
Tip of the day: The choice of sport for children to practice is very important. Choose based on the child’s aptitudes and not your personal experience, I know it’s difficult but you should try.
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These are days of celebration for you, my dear Taurus, because you are truly at the peak of your physical and emotional splendor thanks to Venus and Luna at favorissimo. You are our Timothée Chalamet of the Zodiac, the first new man to appear on the cover of Vogue UK. You’re basically a two-legged record. Not bad.

Today's horoscope for Taurus

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Taurus

Love: go wild with sweets and kisses.
Work: you can always be counted on.
Health: dazzling smiles to show off to any paparazzo.
Tip of the day: go to Lucca for a day immersed in eco-sustainable thinking at the ‘Pianeta Terra Festival’. With your knowledge, you might even go and be a speaker on stage.
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In this period between Venus not exactly friendly, but above all pushed by Mercury and Mars, you are cold programmers, ready for risky choices and to leave physical solidity in favor of successful futuristic investments. Just like the MOMA museum, which is organizing an auction of super real works to be able to invest in digital art. Metaverse here we come!

Today's horoscope for Gemini

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Gemini

Love: making a spicy riddle is like a declaration of love.
Work: you are always one step ahead.
Health: ready and quick.
Tip of the day: watching funny videos with kittens, pandas or babies on social networks is absolutely lethal for you, in fact you risk having so much fun that you can even spend hours and hours in them. To be dedicated to it only in small doses.
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Complicating your life is very simple, just ask yourself a question about what you want to order by choosing it from the menu list. Mercury only puts doubts and second thoughts, and whoever loves you badly puts the age-old worm in your brain among which of the eight variants of Negroni is the best. An unbearable spite.

Today's horoscope for Cancer

The horoscope of the day for the sign of Cancer

Love: it’s your safe haven.
Work: grant anything.
Health: to have a voluptuous body, you have to work hard.
Tip of the day: on supermarket shelves and online, Idrolitina, a vintage alternative to sparkling water, is going crazy. Before you buy it, check your pantry well, because I think you may still have a nice package. Just check the expiration date.
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Despite some small obstacles in the path, always due to Saturn, you have all the means to proceed with your head held high accompanied by two excellent standard bearers: Mars and Mercury. Get inspired by Gina Lollobrigida, who, during her hospital stay, absolutely did not want to give up an aperitif asking for a classic ‘Crodino’ every day. Certain temperament must be preserved and trained in every situation.

Today's horoscope for Leo

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Leo

Love: burning passion.
Work: strategy, calm and temperance.
Health: keep your head high.
Tip of the day: watch the trailer ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ the story of Whitney Houston. The portrait of a very determined woman in the face of any difficulty, and gassed listening to the soundtrack.
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Probably the Duke of Norfolk, who is in charge of the organization of recent events for the British monarchy, despite being close to maniacal perfection, could ask you for some advice. You, who have Venus in your sign, may be able to add some details, with very explicit references to the monarchy, to all the events for Queen Elizabeth. If I were you, I’d send the resume to Buckingham Palace.

Today's horoscope for Virgo

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Virgo

Love: the right channel is sweetness.
Work: aesthetic precision in everything.
Health: at home with flaps, but made up.
Tip of the day: with your civic sense you would like to go to the Marche to help out after the flood. With your low energy you can only coordinate, even from home it will be fine. However it is always lending a hand.
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Weight scale

When decisions and actions are correct, you are immediately ready to support them and, thanks to Mercury, your vision of black and white is very clear. Just like Eros Ramazzotti, who supports Laura Pausini on the ‘Bella Ciao’ issue. You need to know how to read the messages and lyrics of the songs carefully, it’s not enough just to hum the nice tune.

Today's horoscope for Libra

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Libra

Love you are from slow cooking.
Work every word is always in the right place.
Health: flow harmoniously.
Tip of the day: have fun with the logic of doing X-Factor report cards with your friends. You are very good at this.
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Your curiosity really has no boundaries, and it is so tireless, thanks to Mars. I am sure that in your various searches you will have come across the craziest one in the world: the IG Nobel 2022 talks about constipated scorpions. You who are always a bit touchy, you will certainly have felt called into question.

Today's horoscope for Scorpio

The horoscope of the day for the sign of Scorpio

Love: your room is a French boudoir.
Work: you are only looking for exciting emotions.
Health: passion does not need training but practice.
Tip of the day: study the exercises to make lucid dreams, listening to Fabio Volo’s podcast on Radio Deejay, which provides some information on the subject. You obviously compare all the various techniques you have found.
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As soon as someone asks you sassy questions about your feelings and the people you love, you blur out exactly like Aurora Ramazzotti when they ask her how her pregnancy is progressing. Mars in opposition makes you explode as soon as they touch you in the weak spots, and at the moment love is right at the top of your list. Nosy nosy people are warned.

Today's horoscope for Sagittarius

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Sagittarius

Love: you crave it like a ‘tessoro’
Work: not very energetic to assert your opinions.
Health: the breaks are absolutely obligatory for you.
Tip of the day: take a nice Reiki course to learn how to unlock the energies and make them flow correctly between all the chakras and your body … You really need it.
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Exporting openly with Mercury in quadrature is absolutely not recommended. In fact, you risk worsening situations that already have friction, just like those between Victoria Beckham and her daughter-in-law Nicola Peltz. He doesn’t bode well.

Today's horoscope for Capricorn

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Capricorn

Love: Put all your loved ones under your protective wing.
Work: decisions are only conservative.
Health: too much love goes to your head. Like a mother boar with her babies. Very dangerous.
Tip of the day: Take care of your loved ones even at the table by choosing foods rich in vitamins, a great way to express your great attachment and desire to make everyone feel good.
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You ardently throw yourself into everything you deem correct by following your principles, thanks to Mercury. But be careful to check all the strength that Mars gives you, because you could exaggerate. Like the teacher who, in addition to defending a pupil from his classmates outside school, does not just let the bullies escape but also gives him a good lesson. When you want to be an executioner, always remember the mask.

Today's horoscope for Aquarius

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Aquarius

Love: guaranteed fun under the covers.
Work: hyperactive.
Health: you could compete with Hercules.
Tip of the day: ripping off the blazer in grandfather’s closet this year is no longer a subversive gesture because the oversized vintage jacket is an absolute trend of the season. You will find yourself being super trendy without knowing it.
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It is incomprehensible the craze that is spreading in Silicon Valley among super managers, to use cosmetic surgery to grow taller. In fact, you, who are always exhausted by Mars, opt to stay seated and in comfortable positions as much as possible, especially when important decisions have to be made. At that point everyone is more or less at the same level, and height doesn’t matter.

Today's horoscope for Pisces

Today’s horoscope for the sign of Pisces

Love: intense gazes ignite your imagination.
Work: use the automatic dictator to write emails too.
Health: you would like to be able to do everything in your pajamas.
Tip of the day: treat yourself to a nice shiatsu massage to rebalance your energies. You will see that you will also want to include it as a great weekly habit.
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Today’s horoscope Tuesday 20 September 2022: super hot Virgo and Taurus

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