Tom Cruise, the sad news shocked the fans | Now there is nothing more to do –

Those who arrive late, stay badly: the well-known Hollywood actor Tom Cruise had launched a huge initiative. Unfortunately, the fans woke up too late and now, there is no more remedy for what happened.

Timing is everything in life. If only the fans had realized what was going on first, maybe they would have taken the trophy home. Instead, all that remains is sorrow and regret.

Tom Cruise had the right thought (Canva)

A long career

If there is an actor in Hollywood who deserves the title of a veteran of the big screen, this must be Tom Cruise. The very famous face of the small and big screen born in 1962 in New York appeared in a total of just under fifty official films alongside the best of the best of American and foreign directors.

Cruise began his career very young: already at seventeen – it is said – he made a commitment with his father who was financing his studies in the field of acting. become famous within three yearswhich actually happened even if the blockbuster will definitively consecrate the actor in the world of Hollywood Top Gun in which Cruise still appeared very young at the age of only twenty-four!

Recently, a remake of the film has also been developed but the films important for the actor’s career are many: The rebel, The Last Samurai, Edge of Tomorrow, Minority Report And naturally Mission Impossible these are just some of Cruise’s most notable film appearances, who has also ventured into the role of producer.

A wasted opportunity?

Such a famous actor it cannot literally do anything publicly without the fans knowing. Yet, the auction that Tom Cruise launched a few days ago does not seem to have aroused the media hype that could have been expected. Let’s go in order: in the eighties, Cruise approached the world of motor sport and in particular he was taken under the wing of another actor passionate about racing: the legendary Paul Newman.

In 1987 Tom Cruise made his debut on the Sport Car Club of America circuit and immediately amazed his mentor with four wins in sixteen races, not a bad haul for a young rookie driver. In those years, Cruise’s car was a Japanese classic: one Nissan 300ZX powered by a mighty V6 engine paired with the typical five-speed gearbox. Recall that it is the same model that reached the record speed of 419 kilometers per hour during a test on the track!

Nissan race RM Sotheby 15_09_2022 Quattromania
Certain trains – or Nissans – only pass once (RM Sotheby)

The actor has recently decided to sell this historic car that is worth a lot of money both for the fact that it was an undisputed icon of the eighties, and because it is linked to the late actor Newman – never forgotten by his many fans – and obviously because it was driven by Tom Cruise. In our opinion, the selling price does not fully reflect the historical value of the vehicle but tell us yours …

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Tom Cruise, the sad news shocked the fans | Now there is nothing more to do –

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