Tomorrow’s horoscope May 6, 2022 – Blackbeard

Tomorrow’s horoscope May 6, 2022: here’s what it predicts Blackbeard and how the positions and movements of celestial bodies with respect to the Earth affect all signs.

Horoscope for tomorrow 6 May

Aries. 21/3 – 20/4

With Mercury in sextile to Venus, you will meet new environments and new people who will allow you to experience yourselves in a fruitful constructive exchange. A day of pleasantness, where you will be able to move with ease in the most diverse circumstances.

Bull. 21/4 – 20/5

The Moon in the sign of Cancer marries the sudden action of Uranus. Together they will help you get to victory with an unusual and perfectly fitting idea. Mars ally gives you a good reserve of energy, but hostile Saturn makes you consume them in quantity.

Twins. 21/5 – 21/6

Thanks to Mercury in sextile to Venus, you will attract people willing to support all your initiatives, even the most difficult and demanding. You will find that the friendships you have cultivated for a long time have become deep and profound relationships.

Cancer. 22/6 – 22/7

The Sun in sextile to the Moon will make you understand that you cannot realize all the ideas that are whirling in your head in a single moment. Proceed step by step. The stars advise you to postpone some work commitments to dedicate yourself to your sweetheart.

Lion. 23/7 – 23/8

Distance yourself from those who make you uncomfortable, and demonstrate a decidedly different and less pronounced sensitivity than yours. Things could go in the desired direction. At this stage, however, it is more logical to wait, to be patient.

Virgin. 24/8 – 22/9

The Moon in Cancer, very graceful and sensitive, will lighten this Friday full of questions to be resolved with the imagination and a pinch of romance. You will be impulsive and perhaps you will also tend to be reckless. Watch out for carelessness and lightness.

Balance. 23/9 – 22/10

If you intend to deepen or update your professional skills, do it now that Mercury smiles at you from the sign of Gemini. Venus is adverse to you: with your partner your mood and expectations will not coincide, but you will meet them.

Scorpio. 23/10 – 22/11

Due to Uranus in opposition, be cautious in contracts and avoid controversy for too hasty judgments. Better to adopt a more reserved attitude. Given the square of Saturn, do not exaggerate with not very accommodating attitudes or too severe criticisms.

Sagittarius. 23/11 – 21/12

With Saturn in sextile, some situations that have been blocked for some time will get back into motion and will allow you to improve your working position. Use your creative potential for duty, but don’t forget that pleasure is also important.

Capricorn. 22/12 – 20/1

Mars in Pisces continues to give you that dynamism and resourcefulness that you will need to overcome any difficulty in your profession. Uranus and Neptune accomplices will foster successes in creative work, business and human contacts.

Acquarium. 21/1 – 19/2

Thanks to Saturn in the sign, perhaps you will not shine for grit, but you will feel calm, serene and able to put pleasant moments before everyday troubles. The ability to listen to the other is something that can be learned with experience. So insist!

Fish. 20/2 – 20/3

With the Moon in trine to Mars, with enhanced courage and determination, you will have more confidence in yourself. You will open new paths to realize your potential. Ask a friend to play a sport you enjoy together. Two of you will have fun.

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Tomorrow’s horoscope May 6, 2022 – Blackbeard

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