Tonight on TV: Movies and Shows to watch Wednesday 11 January 2023

Tonight on TV, Wednesday 11 January 2023: Find out what’s to see on TV today with our complete TV Guide with the Best Movies, Programs and TV Series in prime time on Rai, Mediaset and on all the main TV channels free plaintext.

What is there to see Tonight on TV? Here’s ours Complete TV Guide with the Best Moviesi Programs of entertainment and insight, the fiction and the TV series to watch tonight, Wednesday 11 January 2023in prime time on the main free-to-air TV channels.

Among the films not to be missed we recommend: For lovers of noir atmospheres and the world of private detectives from the 50s, the appointment is at 21 on Iris with Motherless Brooklyn: The Secrets of a City, the 2019 film directed by and starring Edward Norton, joined in the cast by Bruce Willis and Bobby Cannavale. Of a completely different genre, and certainly more suitable for an audience that loves French comedies that couldn’t be more French, is the film at 21.10 on Rai Movieit’s about Love according to Isabelle, directed by Claire Denis starring Juliette Binoche. In the early evening today two romantic comedies await us: on La5 the classic Notting Hill with the golden couple Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, on Nove, on the other hand, at 21.25 Io che amo solo te is broadcast by Marco Ponti, with Riccardo Scamarcio and Laura Chiatti. If you prefer the decidedly more exotic one of Egypt to the atmospheres of London or Puglia, then Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny De Vito give you appointment at 21.10 on TwentySeven with the adventurous The Jewel of the Nile from 1985.

Among the programs to see we recommend you: on Rai 1, from 21.25, Alberto Angela accompanies us in the latest episode of Wonders – Stars of Europe, with a journey that goes from the sunny atmospheres of Palermo and Andalusia, to the central European ones of Prague. Make way for the mystery on Rai 2 from 21.20, with the third season of La Porta Rossathe fiction starring Lino Guanciale. In prime time on Rai 3there is the inevitable appointment with Federica Sciarelli and hers Who has seen?while Andrea Purgatori awaits us on La7 from 9.15pm with one special on Emanuele Orlandi within its program Atlantis – Stories of men and worlds. Finally, for football fans the appointment is instead at 21 on Canale 5 with the round of 16 match of Italian Cup Milan-Turin.

Top Movies Tonight on TV, Wednesday January 11, 2023

Motherless Brooklyn: The Secrets of a City – at 21 on Iris

(Drama, Noir, 2000, duration: 144 Min)
A movie of Edward Norton, with Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, Bobby Cannavale, Leslie Mann, Willem Dafoe, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Ethan Suplee, Alec Baldwin, Kenneth Williams, Fisher Stevens, Dallas Roberts and Cherry Jones.

Movie plot Motherless Brooklyn: Secrets of a City: The film is set in New York in the 1950s and is the story of Lionel Essrog, a private investigator with Tourette’s syndrome and a very lonely character. It was Frank Minna, head of the detective agency, who found Lionel and his colleagues, including Tony Vermonte, in an orphanage, where they were being mistreated by a group of violent nuns. Impressed by his intelligence, his kindness and above all by his photographic memory, Minna allowed Lionel to join his agency. But above all, the man helped him understand that what people perceived as oddities given by the syndrome could be a real gift for his profession …

Love according to Isabelle – at 21.10 on Rai Movie

(Comedy, 2017, duration: 94 Min)
A movie of Claire Denis, with Juliette Binoche, Gérard Depardieu, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Xavier Beauvois, Josiane Balasko, Philippe Katerine, Sandrine Dumas, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Alex Descas, Laurent Grévill and Bruno Podalydès.

Movie plot Love according to Isabelle: The film stars Isabelle, a beautiful fifty-year-old woman who feels very lonely.
After the divorce, she is on a constant search for true love. And, despite the sufferings, the illusions, the hopes, the doubts, the wishes and the tears, she still believes it, with all her heart. In her life she is a painter and she takes care of her ten-year-old daughter, while she waits for that great love to arrive that will turn her upside down and fill her existence. Against the backdrop of a painted Paris with all its noises and lights of her, Isabelle wanders in search of the man to suit her …

Notting Hill – at 9.10pm on La5

(Comedy, 1999, duration: 124 Min)
A movie of Roger Michell, with Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, Rhys Ifans, Hugh Bonneville, Emma Chambers, Alec Baldwin, Matthew Modine, Gina McKee, James Dreyfuss and Tim McInnerny

Movie plot Notting Hill: The protagonist of the story is William Thacker, owner of a bookshop in the London district of Notting Hill.
Will’s life is turned upside down when he meets movie star Anna Scott who enters his bookstore one day. Clumsy by her agitation, Will spills orange juice on her and convinces her to change into her apartment, shared with the wacky Spike. Suddenly, Anna kisses him and asks for confidentiality about what happened…

Jewel of the Nile – 9.10pm on TwentySeven

(Adventure, 1985, duration: 105 Min)
A movie of Lewis Teague, with Kathleen Turner, Michael Douglas, Danny DeVito, Spiros Focás, Avner Eisenberg, Samuel Ross Williams, Holland Taylor, Paul David Magid, Randall Edwin Nelson, Howard Jay Patterson and Hamid Fillali.

Movie plot The Jewel of the Nile: After a thousand adventures faced in Colombia, Jack Colton (Michael Douglas), daring adventurer and romantic writer Joan Wilder, very much in love, sail through wonderful seas on their sailboat. Life seems like a fairy tale, yet after six long months of breathtaking sunsets, candlelit dinners, seductive nights spent under the stars, their relationship is losing interest: he regrets his beloved adventures and she dreams of returning to the city and not has more inspirations for his new novel. The stagnant situation will change thanks to Joan’s meeting, during a party, with a charming sheik, Omar, ruler of Kadir, an imaginary kingdom on the Nile…

I who love only you – at 21.25 on Nove

(Comedy, Sentimental, 2015, duration: 102 Min)
A movie of Marco Ponti, with Riccardo Scamarcio, Laura Chiatti, Michele Placido, Luciana Littizzetto, Maria Pia Calzone, Eva Riccobono, Eugenio Franceschini, Dario Bandiera, Alessandra Amoroso, Enzo Salvi, Dino Abbrescia and Antonio Gerardi.

Movie plot I who love only you: The film tells the story of Ninella, fifty years old and a great love, Don Mimì, with whom she was never able to marry. But her fate gives her an unexpected gift: her daughter Chiara gets engaged to Damiano, the son of the man Ninella has always dreamed of, and the two boys decide to get married. The wedding of Chiara and Damiano thus turns into a real event for Polignano a Mare, a white and perched village in one of the most magical corners of Puglia….

Other Movies aired tonight on TV:

  • David’s mother (Drama, 1994, duration: 92 Min) aired at 20.55 on TV2000a film by Robert Allan Ackerman, starring Kirstie Alley, Sam Waterston, Stockard Channing, Michael A. Goorjian, Steven Ivany, Chris Sarandon, Phylicia Rashad, Amanda Blitz, Renessa Blitz and Bob Zidel.
  • How beautiful it is to make love (Comedy, 2012, duration: 97 Min) aired at 21 on Cine34a film by Fausto Brizzi, with Fabio De Luigi, Claudia Gerini, Filippo Timi, Giorgia Wurth, Virginia Raffaele, Alessandro Sperduti, Michela Andreozzi, Eleonora Bolla, Franco Trentalance, Lillo, Michele Foresta and Enzo Salvi.
  • The Horse Whisperer (Drama, Sentimental, 1998, duration: 160 Min) on air at 9pm on Warner TVa film by Robert Redford, starring Robert Redford, Kristin Scott Thomas, Scarlett Johansson, Sam Neill, Dianne Wiest, Ty Hillman, Steve Frye, Don Edwards, Jessalyn Gilsig, William Buddy Byrd, Kate Bosworth, Jeanette Nolan, Cherry Jones and Chris Cooper.
  • Blade II (Action, Horror, Thriller, 2002, Duration: 119 Min) aired at 21 out of 20a film by Guillermo del Toro, starring Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Norman Reedus, Leonor Varela, Ron Perlman, Luke Goss, Daz Crawford, Matt Schulze, Danny John-Jles, Rey-Phillip Santos, Tony Curran, Santiago Segura, Marek Vasut and Thomas Kretschmann.
  • Snowmageddon (Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, 2011, Duration: 89 Min) aired at 21.15 on Skya film by Sheldon Wilson, starring David Cubitt, Laura Harris, Dylan Matzke, Magda Apanowicz, Jeffrey Ballard, Lorne Cardinal, Michael Hogan, Donavon Stinson, Amitai Marmorstein, Teach Grant, Leanne Lapp and Haig Sutherland.
  • Mom, I missed my plane: I got lost in New York (Comedy, 1992, duration: 120 Min) aired at 21.20 on Italia 1a film by Chris Columbus, starring Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, Catherine O’Hara, John Heard, Joe Liss, Michael Maronna, Ralph Foody, Teri McEvoy, Jaye P. Morgan, Senta Moses, Rob Schneider, Terrie Snell , Ally Sheedy, Maureen E. Shay, Rip Taylor, Jimmie Walker and Tim Curry.
  • Tonight on TV: Programs, Fiction and Series

    • Wonders – Stars of Europe: Andalusia, Palermo and Prague, presented by Alberto Angela, on air from 21.25 on Rai 1
    • The red door 3 (Fiction, TV Series), aired from 21.20 on Rai 2
    • Who has seen?on air from 21.20 on Rai 3
    • Upstream Early Evening (talk show, politics, current affairs), on air from 21.20 on Network 4
    • Football, Italian Cup – Round of 16: Milan-Turinon air from 21 on Channel 5
    • Atlantis – Stories of men and worlds: Special Emanuela Orlandi, conducted by Andrea Purgatori, on air from 21.30 on A7
    • Crimes in Paradise (TV series), aired from 21.20 on Rai 4
    • Art Night with Neri Marcorè: The rooms of art, on air from 21.15 on Rai 5
    • one piece (animated tv series), aired from 21.15 on Italy 2
    • Yellowstone (TV series), aired from 21.30 on La7D
    • Commissioner Manara (TV series), aired from 21.20 on Rai Premium
    • Murders at Sandhamn (TV series), aired from 21.10 on Yellow
    • FBI: Most Wanted (TV series), aired from 21.10 on Top crime
    • Drag Race Italy (talent show), aired from 21.30 on real-time
    • Soccer, Carabao Cup – Quarter Finals: Southampton-Manchester Cityon air from 21.25 on DMAX
    • The greatest natural wonders of the world (Docu-series), aired from 21.15 on Focus.
    • Mariangela! (documentary), aired from 21.10 on Rai History.

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Tonight on TV: Movies and Shows to watch Wednesday 11 January 2023

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