Totti-Blasi, bags against watches: the tug-of-war now arrives in the classroom

from Giovanna Cavalli

The detective: from you 75 thousand euros to follow him. Francesco Totti published for the first time the video of an evening with Noemi Bocchi

Handbags versus Rolex, here we are. This morning around 11 – vague time to throw off nosers and paparazzi, although it is difficult for the two litigants Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi show up – the civil judge will face the first hearing relating toreintegration action promoted by the presenter of the Isola dei Famosi against the perennial Giallorossi Captain.

Accused by her of having them emptied the spacious cabin closet of the mega-villa at Eur, hiding bags Dior, Gucci, Herms and Chanel, 100 pairs of shoes equally expensive and designer, belts, wallets, jewels. In retaliation for the disappearance of the Rolex collection of number 10 – which, with other precious objects, even those volatilized, would almost be worth 1 million – stolen with a secret blitz from the safe-deposit box of the bank by Ilary and her father Roberto Blasi (so at least explained Totti in the famous interview with Courier

This is not yet the actual cause of separation, which will leave as soon as one of the two parties lodges the appeal. Rather laborious to draft, hence the delay: for the appearance talks about it in spring 2023. But a kind of bellicose dress rehearsal. Ilary, through the lawyer Alessandro Simeone, has practically compiled a shopping listwhich includes as well the silver Smart in the name of the ex-husband, the one parked in no parking (and therefore fined) while she was filming the video in front of the Rolex boutique. And in fact claims for itself the 25-room family residencewhere the former couple at the moment continues to live together, each perched in its 700 and passes square meters, communicating with text messages on Whatsapp and nothing more.

But the fierce lawyers di Francesco, Antonio Conte and Annamaria Bernardini de Pace, are waiting for nothing more to start the counter-offensive. Putting on the table the rape of precious Rolexes, stolen, it seems, even before the farewell of 11 July. And then locked up in the vault of another bank. While the Golden Shoe which Totti won in 2007 and which is worth about 13 thousand euros, is still safe and sound in the Villa’s Hall of Relics.

In the meantime, everyone continues with the life they have chosen. Ilary Blasi alternates art exhibitions (Andy Warhol, Sistine Chapel, Pop paintings) to beauty rituals (the last one the enamel Baby Boomer hands) to the online English course, second lesson, meticulously told on Instagram. Yesterday afternoon he accompanied little Isabel to skating, in overalls and a hat, but with a Chanel bag, new or escaped from marital raid. And she set aside, ready to take her out at the right time, the detailed report of the private investigator
Ezio Dentiwhich he told the weekly New to have been hired by Ex Letterina to stalk, spy and photograph Totti and find evidence of his betrayal.

For 75 thousand eurosfrom 22 April to the end of July, the detective (the same one hired by Alena Seredova for Gigi Buffon) would monitored the sample with Gps, infrared cameras, cars and motorcycles, drones and hours and hours of work, bedbugs are not allowed.

Regardless of that, Francesco Totti, on the other hand, has now come out into the open with Noemi Bocchi and the engagement sealed by two twin rings in white gold and diamonds that sparkle on the ring finger of both. The other night, together with their closest friends, they celebrated at the Jer Restaurant in Ponte Milvio singing to the Brazilian rhythm of Tristezza please go away with pyrotechnic stars between their fingers, before the inevitable group chorus on Grazie Roma, because in the end always comes back there.

October 14, 2022 (change October 14, 2022 | 09:30)

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Totti-Blasi, bags against watches: the tug-of-war now arrives in the classroom

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