Totti-Ilary Blasi: the separation agreement is increasingly difficult

Even though the couple still lives under the same roof, relationships are increasingly strained

And so it was. But at least Totti tried to the last and in every way not to close in the worst way 17 years of marriage which seemed truly indissoluble (“I was looking for an agreement. I didn’t want to end up in court, but Ilary always said no”>) and instead stopped there. With his lawyers, Antonio Conte and Annamaria Bernardini de Pace, he offered everything he reasonably could, always upping the ante. Hoping for a yes from Ilary. There was nothing to be done. The presenter of the‘Island of the Famous has returned each raise to the sender, perched on its own positions. And at that point the 2006 world champion decided to speak. Many have said and thought that he has allowed himself to be influenced by his lawyers, but those close to him explain that Francesco is no longer the Pupone, but a man of almost 46 years (he turns 27) who knows what he wants and he is not afraid to say it. Not later than three years ago, they remind us, he faced a press conference with a hundred journalists to say goodbye to Rome – after the clashes with the Pallotta property – without even preparing, speaking off the cuff. Even if some doubts assail him now, about that painful interview. He would no longer be so sure he made the right decision. He who very rarely offered himself to the press and cameras. There is, of course, indeed, it is understandable.

Added to this is a collateral sorrow. Apparently a person very dear to him, of that close circle of affections that has always protected him, even knowing that his wife was being followed by an investigator, did not warn him, who knows why. And Totti, when he discovered it, took it very badly, living it as a true betrayal. At the moment, despite the friendliness are at this point reset, he and Ilary continue to share the Eur mega-villa and they talk to each other just enough, with civil tones, so as not to displease the three childrenCristian, Chanel and Isabel. Each, locked in his own wing of the 25-room mansion, continues to lead the usual life. Francesco accompanies the girls to school, Cristian in training. And then, as documented by the umpteenth photo shoot of Chi, he frequents his new partner with the utmost discretion Noemi Bocchi. They portrayed him in her house, in Parioli, in the company of two friends, Stefano and Samantha, and little Isabel.

While Ilary continues with the communication style she has chosen since day one. The silence of words. But very talkative on social media, where he is keen to document every detail of his days (with some subliminal messages). But not his short trip to Milan to celebrate the birthday of his agent Graziella Lopedota at the disco. That one wanted to keep it hidden (he avoided any photos). On Tuesday evening, Ilary Blasi was at the Opera House – Before official release after the hurricane of the interview – to attend the ballet of her friend étoile Eleonora Abbagnato, wife of the former Roma defender Federico Balzaretti, accompanied by a personal trainer named Noemi Bonomo, look a bit, same initials as the other Noemi. And here too, if you want, you can see a subtle provocation. Nothing, compared to what she could say and tell, this time verbally, if she decides to accept the invitation of Verissimo from Silvia Toffanin (the reservation is still not dissolved) and dish out her truth. An appetizer of the long battle that awaits her in court.

September 14, 2022 (change September 14, 2022 | 21:00)

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Totti-Ilary Blasi: the separation agreement is increasingly difficult

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