Un Posto al Sole August 3, 2022 Advances: Rossella tormented because …

The Anticipations of the episode of Un Posto al Sole broadcast on 3 August 2022 on Rai 3 reveal that Giordano and Ferri believe they have found some peace, but they are wrong. Meanwhile, Cirillo senior has discovered the deception of the twins. Graziani junior, on the other hand, is about to receive a hard blow …

In the’episode from A Place in the Sun from Wednesday 3 August 2022, Marina And Roberto they are enjoying their newfound love… even if some might ruin the romantic evening they had planned. Meanwhile, Serena he understood that Manuela took the place of Micaela! RossellaInstead, she is about to receive news that will shake her extremely. But let’s find out together what they reveal in detail advances of the bet which will air tomorrow at 20:45 on Rai 3.

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Someone undermines the serenity of Marina and Roberto, in the Anticipations of the episode of August 3

From the moment in which there was a rapprochement between them in that of Procida, it seems that the time has come for Marina and Roberto to try again. The manager, in fact, although she has reviewed Fabrizio, she realized she wanted to be with her lover, and not her husband. The two, now, are ready to live their love relationship peacefully … even if they have not come to terms with Lara’s thirst for revengewhich does not want to give up the Irons! Furthermore, on the occasion of the first official appointment, the couple will run into an old acquaintance who will risk spoiling their romantic evening.

Anticipations A Place in the Sun: Serena unmasks the twins!

Serena has no doubts: her sisters are hiding a secret from her. But which? Philip’s wifeafter becoming aware of the fact that Micaela proposed to Niko to return to Maratea together, began to suspect her. Cirillo seniorafter investigating, discovered the deception of the twins: Manuela is pretending to be Micaela! There mother of Irene and Beatrice she does not know whether to reveal what she learned to the lawyer and the child, or whether to keep her mouth shut so as not to hurt them …

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Rossella is about to receive terrible news, in the Previews of the 3rd August episode

Riccardothrilled to be able to obtain the forgiveness of Rossella, made her a surprising proposal. The doctor, in fact, he wanted to surprise his girlfriend by asking her to move in together. There Grazianihowever, it did not react like the Crosses he would have expected. Silvia and Michele’s daughter did not jump for joy at the thought of going to live with her boyfriend, on the contrary: declined the offer. The doctor is disappointedand is unable to accept this refusal. RossellaHowever, will soon have other things to think about: is about to be reached by terrible news!

A Place in the Sunthe long-lived Neapolitan soap opera, airs from Monday to Friday at 20:45 on Rai 3.

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Un Posto al Sole August 3, 2022 Advances: Rossella tormented because …

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