Understood who is the son of Dr. Nowzaradan di Vite to the limit? Stuff to put your hands in your hair – Show only

He is the most famous doctor in reality TV, the other his eldest son. Certainly less exposed but in some way linked to the show that made his father famous. We are talking about Dr. Nowzaradan, the “star” of Lives on the edge, the reality show in which the obese finally take their lives in hand and with the help of diet, exercise and of course a bariatric surgery, they try to reach the healthy weight for their health, following the advice, the indications but above all the lectures from the doctor …

The Dr. Nowzaradan in fact he is a doctor who specializes in vascular surgery and bariatric surgery, indeed to be precise, he is considered a true pioneer of minimally invasive surgery. He is also the author of a large number of publications on obesity.

Doctor Nowzaradan of Vite al Limite

Nowzaradan is probably the most famous doctor on TV, certainly reality TV, and is the real backbone of Real Time reality show Vite al Limitenot only for his skill in the profession and for his experience but above all for his way of doing.

Gruff Doctor Nowzaradan, the star of Vine on the edge

In fact, Nowzaradan is not at all condescending to his patients, often also struggling with psychological problems related to the pathology, on the contrary he is gruff and sometimes almost authoritarian with them: he often reproaches them and also with aggression if they do not follow his directions or if they diverge from the path they are taking. This way of acting has meant that Vite al Limite is considered a controversial program, even accused of making patients’ pain spectacular.

This is because, by its very nature, the show shows the private sphere of the people involved in public, even unintentionally exposing them to mockery and criticism that can also have tragic consequences: a patient committed suicide in 2016 and the family started a lawsuit against the production of the program.

Doctor Nowzaradan’s son

While practically everything is known about the program and its competitors, very little is known about its star. Dr. Younan Nowzaradan is of Iranian descent but is a naturalized American. From 1975 to 2002 he was married to Delores McRedmond and together they had three children: a boy and subsequently two girls. Little is known about the doctor’s family, but we know something more about his eldest son.

jonathan-Nowzaradan son-doctor-Nowzaradan-solospettacolo.it
Jonathan Nowzaradan, son of Dr. Nowzaradan

Is called Jonathan Nowzaradan, was born in 1978, has been married for about ten years and has a son. As you can see from the photo, he bears a fair resemblance to his father to whom he is very attached. It couldn’t be otherwise, as the two work closely together! Jonathan is in fact the executive producer but also the regita of Lives to the limit! in 2003 he founded Megalomediaa television production company that is not only behind Lives on the Edge but also at the Heavy and Quints by surprise shows.

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Understood who is the son of Dr. Nowzaradan di Vite to the limit? Stuff to put your hands in your hair – Show only

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