“Unfortunately he left us …” Serena Bortone reduced to tears: the whole studio moved

In Serena Bortone’s study on Rai 1, Today is another day, there are always many. But during the episode of September 7, a news shocked everyone, making the presenter fall into tears. Here’s what happened.

Bortone in tears – Nanopress.it

The new television season has restarted from this September: the schedules have returned to broadcast the programs that all the public has loved for years, such as Today is another day for Serena Bortone.

This year starts with a bang, with many guests and many stories to tell. During yesterday’s episode, September 7th, Bortone was very moved by talking to a guest in particular, which made her shed a few tears.

Serena Bortone cries and moves everyone: “She left us …”

In the study of Serena Bortone there are always many guests who told their stories to the presenter, in the Rai 1 studio. Today is another day they opened wide, to tell new stories and curiosities.

Natasha Stefanenko
Natasha Stefanenko – Nanopress.it

There was one of the guests on 7 September Natasha Stefanenkofresh from a new success thanks to the participation in the last edition of Beijing Express, together with his daughter Sasha.

The showgirl has started a nice interview with Bortone, recalling some salient moments of her life. The former model was born in the then Soviet Union, and then arrived at a very young age in Italy.

Serena Bortone
Serena Bortone – Nanopress.it

Natasha recalled, among the people closest to her here in Italy, her father-in-law Raffaele who unfortunately passed away recently. When she saw her photo, Stefanenko was very moved, making Serena Bortone cry too who is very empathetic with her guests.

Natasha recalled her father-in-law, saying that he was a very important person for her:

“My father-in-law recently he left us, my second father. ”

“His name was Raffaele and he taught me, first of all, honesty”

The two families, that of the showgirl and that of her husband, Luca Sabbioni, have always been very close and alike. Over the years they have gotten along very well, then the loss of Mr. Raffaele must not have been easy for anyone.

Natasha also spoke about her mother-in-law, another important person for her family, saying: “My mother-in-law is a special person. She of a unique intelligence. Tania you are our strength “

Natasha Stefanenko continues to move remembering Fabrizio Frizzi

Always during the chat with Serena Bortone, Natasha Stefanenko he relived his life in front of a mirror and suddenly she let herself go to the memory of Fabrizio Frizzi.

Natasha Stefanenko and Fabrizio Frizzi
Natasha Stefanenko and Fabrizio Frizzi – Nanopress.it

The two often worked together and Stefanenko let herself go, very heartily, at the memory of her colleague, passed away beautiful 2018.

Natasha remembers Fabrizio very fondly, revealing that it is thanks to him that she managed to build a career in the entertainment world. She remembers him as a brother, a generous friend who was professional at work and a very good partner.

The showgirl remembers how Frizzi loved to work as a teamteaching things to all those less experienced than him but above all he knew how to respect all his colleagues.

Throughout the interview, Natasha Stefanenko spoke to the present about her missing colleague and when Bortone pointed this out to her she replied: “I love him too much. She is in my heart and she will stay there forever. “

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“Unfortunately he left us …” Serena Bortone reduced to tears: the whole studio moved

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