Vanessa Incontrada: “The crisis with Rossano Laurini? We are in a moment of reflection. There are those who make press releases, I have chosen silence” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Vanessa Incontrada returns to talk about her life and her work projects later the media fuss of recent months following the online publication of some stolen shots that portrayed the showgirl in costume. Today Vanessa has decided to put a stop and, being interviewed in the latest issue of Vanity Fair, it is told without filters starting from the hatred of keyboard lions. “Social don’t hurt me. My answer is indifference“, Incontrada tells the weekly that has decided to dedicate the cover to her and title it“ You are beautiful ”. During the interview, she then tries to dissect all the situations that she most cannot stand: from the stereotypes of our society, passing from the thorny issue of abortion, to the terminus of her relationship with Rossano Laurini. Here’s what Vanessa said about it: “I’m in a reflective moment in my life, I can say this. Reflection is helping me understand what it was, and what I want from my future. Not just in private life. I don’t know where my transformation will take me, I’m looking forward ”. And that’s not all. The journalist then decided to ask the actress why she chose to remain silent and not release a press release like couples Blasi / Totti and Hunziker / Trussardi to communicate the break. The answer was not long in coming: “They are choices, I don’t know what is best. When a statement is made, there is great intelligence behind it, because it clarifies and eliminates morbid interests. The other choice is silence, which is also done to protect one’s life“.

Incontrada confessed that his dream would be to have another child: “A great wish of mine would be to have another child. A new passion. But if it arrives it arrives, if it does not arrive it does not arrive. In general, I don’t give myself limits. And nobody should give them to himself, a person can decide to do what he wants ”. Obviously there was also a reference to his son Isal who, according to Vanessa, lives in a dimension in which he does not belong to him underlining differences: “Isal knows that there are no differences about body shapes, skin color, sexual orientation, gender identity. No one has ever taken him aside to explain the labels to him, he lives everything very naturally and freely. I give an example but I could give a thousand: my best friend is homosexual, he is fond of us and has never asked questions. When he is older he will decide for himself what he wants to do or be. If he discovers that he is homosexual or if he is a friend of him… It is not a problem for me ”.

Vanessa Incontrada finally found herself commenting on one of the thorniest issues that our society is facing right now: the freedom to abort. “In 2022, hearing certain things again about homosexuality, about gender, about migrants, about abortion leaves me stunned. It is an insult that there is still talk of banning abortion, who in America have decided to overturn the sentence that guaranteed the right to abortion, is a damage for the whole world, ”says Vanessa. And she continues: “A woman who is not free to decide about her life is something very seriousor. Because she has the right to decide, she has the right not to want to be a mother, which is a big responsibility, not to want to raise a child after abuse, or just not want to. It is terrible that it is banned, it was a subject that we had already overcomewe should go ahead, look at the real problems, such as the climate emergency for example. “

Vanessa Incontrada in recent weeks is preparing to return to the small screen (more precisely on Rai1) alongside Carlo Conti again in the Arena di Verona. The couple will conduct live the two musical events of the “Seat Music Awards“. Waiting, of course, to be able to return to see Vanessa step into the shoes of the most anticipated fictional characters ever. Series that are scheduled in the upcoming autumn schedules.

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Vanessa Incontrada: “The crisis with Rossano Laurini? We are in a moment of reflection. There are those who make press releases, I have chosen silence” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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