Vasco Rossi in Milan, we were there and we will tell you how it went. The final greeting is moving: “A greeting to those who left before their time and are still with us” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Finally“He whispers Vasco Rossi between one song and another. A relief after three years of live abstinence since June 2019. The artist is happy and you can see it from the smile on his face for two and a half hours of concert. Thus the special bond between the rocker and the Milanese public is renewed atSnai La Maura Racecoursewhere they ran 80 thousand fans. Not far from the location ‘La Scala della musica’, lo San Siro Stadium, filled at every stop on the tour since the distant debut on July 10, 1990. Fans already gathered at eight in the morning for the opening of the foyer and then entered the space of the immense Hippodrome at 11 in the morning. A mad rush for the first hurdle and occupy the best places. A quick thunderstorm around 6pm, which created mud underfoot, did not discourage those present who had already been charged “alive, healthy and clear” for hoursunited by a single choir: “Vasco you are the king of the city“. A people of any age, there were also families with small children raised on “bread and Vasco”. To reward them for their patience, the rocker, surprisingly, starts the concert ten minutes before 9pm. “XI Commandment“Opens the dance (it is the first song of the last album” We Are Here “) with a hard nosed and is already a clear and direct manifesto:” Forward the people of change. Next”. The mega party, as Vasco likes to call it, started like this: “Hello, hello everyone. Welcome, welcome back, welcome. Live, healthy and clear. Finally, finally, finally together again“. Also applauding him were Rkomi, Diodato, Tananai, Ultimo, Aurora Ramazzotti with her boyfriend Goffredo Cerza and Maddalena Corvaglia.

Almost all of the songs from the new album “Siamo Qui” are in the lineup. In the first part of the concert there is also the single “Rain on Sundays”- available in the new version with Marracashstreaming, in favor of Save The Children – and the pounding “Love, love”. There are also some little gems such as songs that have never been performed live such as “If you could say” of 2020 and “A love song thrown away” of 2021. Directly from the repertoire of the 80s they were included in the lineup “Love Help“,”I will cut your throat” And “move“. “Toffee“Counts on a sax solo that recalls” What happens in the city “. “Disappointed” unleashes the audience, after “Rewind”And the classic launch of bras. Now a consolidated Vaschiano rite. A little curiosity: in “Delusa” Vasco inserts the line: “That Berlusconi there, in my opinion …”, replacing the name of Boncompagni in the original text. The highly applauded and sung ballads could not be missing such as “A sense“,”Stupendous“,”We are alone” And “Without words“.

The wind of war that is raging in Ukraine also passes through the concert with the songs “There are those who say no” And “You shoot him over“. “Fuck the war. Fuck the war – Vasco said -. We are against war, against all wars, because all wars are against civilization. All wars are against humanity, against women, against children, against the elderly. And the music is against war ”. However, the artist is keen to instill optimism with his music. First he reiterates: “We are finally many. We are finally starting to live again “and in Bis, before the launch of”Clear dawn“And the riot of fireworks greets:”You will all make it and don’t be afraid. Love beats fear. Greetings to those who left before their time and are still with us ”.

The show took place on a giant stage designed by Giò Forma as tall as a 9-storey building, 90 meters wide and 26 deep with an explosion of lights with 1,500 lighting bodies and an audio power of 750 thousand watts. New entry in the band is a section of winds (Andrea Ferrario), trumpet (Tiziano Bianchi) and trombone (Roberto Solimando). And then the musicians and trusted friends as Stef Burns (guitar), Vince Pastano (guitar, backing vocals, musical director), Andrea Torresani (bass), Claudio Golinelli (bass), Alberto Rocchetti (keyboards, piano and backing vocals), Frank Nemola (backing vocals, keyboards, programming), Matt Laug (drums), and Beatrice Antolini (percussion, keyboards, backing vocals).

The next tour dates are: May 28 in Imola, June 3 in Florence, June 7 in Naples, June 11 and 12 at the Circus Maximus in Rome, June 17 in Messina, June 22 in Bari, 26 in Ancona and closing on June 30 in Turin. Sold out tours for a total of over 660 thousand tickets sold, purchased a few months ago or kept for three years. In short, Vasco is back “alive, healthy and lucid” and with numbers that are difficult to match.

LADDER CONCERT OF MILAN 1. XI commandment 2. The simplest man 3. I’ll take you and take you away 4. If I could tell you 5. Without words 6. Love help 7. Move 8. Rain on Sunday 9. A sense 10. Love love 11. You are angry with me 12. There are those who say no 13. You shoot them 14. Superb 15. We are alone 16. A love song thrown away 17. I cut you the throat 18. Rewind 19. Disappointed 20. Eh already 21. We are here Bis: Close upsets of the third type – Toffee – Sally – It’s just us – Reckless life – Song – Albachiara

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Vasco Rossi in Milan, we were there and we will tell you how it went. The final greeting is moving: “A greeting to those who left before their time and are still with us” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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