“Verissimo”, Alba Parietti and the bond with Fabio Adami: “Our love written in destiny”

Silvia Toffanin welcomed in the living room of very true one of the most beloved faces of the small screen. Dawn Parietti she told herself with an open heart, talking about her rebirth and of the great love that binds her to Fabio Adamithe man who for almost a year has broken down all his resistance and has been able to win her heart.

Alba Parietti and the memory of Gianluca Vialli

Before talking about the great love that binds her to her partner, Dawn Parietti he wanted to remember together with Silvia Toffanin Gianluca Vialli, who recently passed away after a long battle with cancer.

Clearly moved, the showgirl was unable to hold back her tears at the memory of her great friend: “It’s difficult to talk about it, it was worth loving him very much, he deserved all the affection he received. He had enormous tenacity, talent, he made everyone dream, he was an example. He was the joy of living“, he said.

Love at first sight for Fabio Adami: a love already written

That Alba Parietti is living a magical moment it is undeniable: it can be seen by the light of his gaze, that of a woman in love and happy. She, who has always maintained a small dose of pessimism and cynicism so that life could not disappoint her, he decided to take the risk and indulge in an unexpected love. “I realized it’s not over until it’s over,” Parietti admitted.

Fabio in fact it came into her life suddenly, at a time when a relationship for her was not a priority: “He was what you don’t expect at a time when you’re already satisfied. I arrived at 60, and I thought that life had given me so much: important loves, I loved and was loved, I lived devastating but beautiful passions, other passions that were healthy, unforgettable, and at a certain point I thought that I had it all” .

Just at that moment a meeting on the train changed his life: an exchange of glances and it was already love at first sight. “I was scared, the immediate instinct was to run away, but that look contained everything, even what would happen next”.

Their love was written in destiny, as he said: “After a week of messages he told me he had to take a train, asking me if I was there too and you won’t believe it, but I had to take that train too”. Their first date was while travelling, on a wagon, and from that moment Alba understood that he would be her man in her life, because he knew how to woo her like a gentleman, respecting its spaces and times.

Alba Parietti, wedding in sight with Fabio Adami?

Obviously the fateful question could not be missing, the one on future projects. And Alba hasn’t ruled out a wedding: “He has two marriages behind him with exceptional women, I know both of them and I get along well with each other. We are at an age where the wedding is a beautiful celebrationwhich we will certainly do”.

“I’m glad I surrendered to his determination – he told Silvia Toffanin – I’m living the most beautiful part of my life. It happened to me and I would never have believed it, but at 60 the love you dream of all your life has arrived“.

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“Verissimo”, Alba Parietti and the bond with Fabio Adami: “Our love written in destiny”

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