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The singer Loredana Bertè in the course of her life has experienced a drama like few others: this is what she had to face

One of the singers that many call the Queen of Rock music is her, the beautiful one Loredana Bertè. The woman is Mia Martini’s sister to whom she was very attached, who died prematurely in 1995. Her success begins alongside her well-known friend and long-time colleague Renato Zero at the local Piper Club in Rome and from there the rest of her it’s history. Unfortunately, however, the woman had to face a drama that changed her life forever.

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As we have mentioned, the woman begins to take her first steps demonstrating her great talent in the famous Roman club frequented by other characters who have now become among the most popular of Italian music, Piper club. That place was mainly frequented by Don Lurio who noticed an extra talent in the splendid Loredana.

Like Loredana there was also Renato Zero who was often heard shouting from the crowd “You are zero”, thinking in a brilliant way to adopt this phrase as a nickname. Don Lurio will hire them together in 1966. The two form a duo starting to perform both together and separately. Despite the success, i two continued to have a very strong bond and full of respect and mutual affection.

Loredana’s look, at that time, made history for its being transgressive but above all different from what was the genre associated with those times. The singer’s successes have made the history of Italian music and among these we can mention some such as I am not a lady, You are beautiful, And the moon knocked and dedicated.

Despite her success that changed Italian music, the beautiful Loredana Bertè had to face a drama that changed her life forever.

The drama faced by Loredana Bertè

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The suffering experienced by the singer (web photo)

Despite a truly out of the ordinary career full of successes and awards, the beautiful Loredana Bertè on the threshold of her 70 years lived to the fullest of her life, she let herself go to a long confession to the microphones of Verissimo conducted by the beautiful Silvia Toffanin.

She confessed to having experienced a drama, an episode linked to her adolescence: “I was 16, I was doing evenings and we were always traveling around Italy, but I was the only virgin of the group. They all told me to make up my mind. There was this guy who filled me with flowers every night, so finally after a month I decided to go out with him. He took me to a slaughterhouse apartment and when I heard him lock the door with a padlock I was scared. I was terrified, he raped me and beat me up, I managed to get out by a miracle, with all my clothes torn. I could barely stand up, a taxi took me to the hospital ”.

The singer wanted to send a message to today’s young people reminding that reporting in these cases is the most important thing to do: “I never told my family about it, otherwise I also took it from my mother, so I couldn’t report it. The only ones I confessed to were my friends, I kept everything to myself. It was a mistake, because, dear women, the first slap must be reported. Don’t be like me, don’t make this mistake, always report“.

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“Violent and beaten up”: the drama of Loredana Bertè – the Democrat – Giornale di Libera Information

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