Watch for the queen, Harry can wear the uniform tomorrow

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Buckingham Palace has given the green light to the “rebel nephew”, who has served in the army for ten years. The first lady of Ukraine was also present at the funeral on Monday. Excluding Russia. The case of the Chinese delegation not admitted to the funeral home

Prince Harry will be able to wear his military uniform for the last vigil to Queen Elizabeth IIthat together with his cousins, Saturday night: Buckingham Palace has – in fact – made a last minute change to its protocol directions. The decision is important because it testifies to the “outstretched hand” of the Royal Palace towards the “rebellious” son of Lady Diana and, now, the new king. The decision on Harry is really a reversal: “Common sense prevailed,” a source told The Telegraph.

Andrea will also be in uniform

The Duke of Sussex, the Queen’s beloved nephew, was initially told that he would not have been allowed to wear his uniform, despite having spent 10 years in the army and been to Afghanistan on two occasions. Now the Palace has overturned his decision and granted him a special dispensation like the Duke of York. Prince Andrew, despite being embroiled in the “Epstein affair”, will wear the military uniform to the vigil with his brothers tonight. A concession made as a “last sign of respect” for the queen.


Tonight at 19.30 local time, 20.30 in Italy, there will be the vigil of the princes, with the queen’s four children: King Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and the Earl of Wessex: they will remain silent for fifteen minutes on the four sides of the bier in Westminster Hall to pay homage to their deceased mother. Another vigil will be held on Saturday evening with the eight grandchildren of the late queen: the Duke of Sussex, the Prince of Wales, Peter Phillips, Zara Tindall, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenia, Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn.

Excluded and admitted to funerals

As for the queen’s state funeral, scheduled for Monday, Ukrainian first lady Elena Zelenska will also travel to London. The wife of Ukrainian President Zelensky is among the 500 heads of state and dignitaries invited to the funeral service and reception hosted by King Charles the day before, as reported by the Sun. Russian President Putin, on the other hand, was not invited to the queen’s funeral. A decision “profoundly immoral, they exploit mourning for political retaliation”, said the spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. Belarus and Myanmar were also blacklisted and rulers from Syria, Venezuela and Afghanistan were not invited. North Korea and Nicaragua were asked to send only their ambassadors, but not the heads of state. Pope Francis will not be there at the funeral, Vatican sources say, but he will send a personal message.

The case of the Chinese delegation

The British House of Commons has prevented – however – today a delegation of Chinese officials to pay homage to Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin at Westminster Hall, as reported by Politic. The spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry Mao Ning, for her part, did not go into detail on the matter but invited the United Kingdom to “follow diplomatic protocols and its own ways of receiving guests”. Chinese Ambassador to Britain Zheng Zeguang tweeted that he had signed the official condolence book at Lancaster House, a British Foreign Office facility. In any case, Chinese President Xi Jinping is on the guest list for Monday’s state funeral, but he is unlikely to be able to attend. According to South China Morning Postwho cited diplomatic sources, it is possible that Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan can attend the funeral. A presence, the Chinese one, at the center of numerous criticisms by a group of British conservative parliamentarians sanctioned last year by Beijing for the campaign on human rights violated against Uyghurs.

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Watch for the queen, Harry can wear the uniform tomorrow

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