Weekend initiatives: from the Christmas Village to gospel choirs

One of the most magical times of the year has finally begun. The first weekend of December has many surprises in store to please young and old: from Christmas markets to live concerts by some of the big names in Italian songwriting. Below we recommend a list of unmissable events reported by in Bresciathe online agenda of the Giornale di Brescia.


One of the most popular pairings of the summer that has just ended returns to warm up the Brescian evenings. After the success of the last summer tour, the duo resumes performing in the main theaters of Italy Venditti & De Gregori. At 21 of Saturday 3 Decemberto the Dis_Play Theater c/o Brixia Forum, the two artists will interpret some of their greatest hits that still today have the strength to unite different generations. (For tickets Click here.)

The Morato Grand Theatre of Brescia is ready to host a mix of tribal, traditional, African and Western gospel expressed through harmonies and a capella singing: all elements – symbol of South Africa and the spirit of his people. As part of Freedom Tour, Saturday 3 December at 21:15 the legendary will take the stage Soweto Gospel Choir for an evening of celebrations aimed at Nelson Mandela, father of South Africa’s freedom struggle. (For tickets Click here)

A throwback to the great 90s on the occasion of Party night with Certain magical nights – 90s here we go! There Molloy Dairy of Brescia awaits you Saturday 3 December starting at 10.30pm for a journey into the era of postcards and VHS accompanied by soundtracks of the analog period, from the Spice Girls to the 883.

On the territory

The weekend opens with a challenge: find the person responsible for a mysterious crime. Participants in the theatrical performance Dinner with crimescheduled for Friday 2nd December at 20:30 at theHotel Restaurant Lighthouse of Montichiari, will in fact have to take inspiration from the well-known Cluedo board game. Two missions: hypothesize the causes of death and find the murder weapon by questioning the actors present in the room.

We move to the nineteenth century Villa Badia di Leno to discover the flavors and aromas of our territory with Wines and flavors of Garda in the Villa, Sunday 4th December from 14 to 20. An afternoon of tastings and meetings to make homage to local gastronomic products together with the producers, available to gourmand visitors to tell the qualities and characteristics of their productions. Numerous tastings are scheduled, from wines to cheeses!

Now that December has arrived, could a typically Christmas themed market be missing? As every year, Sunday 4th December the historical center of Lonato prepares to welcome Christmas with Christmas music and scents. The Christmas village is the perfect opportunity to spend a day with family and for visit the House of Santa Claus, in the company of elves and goblins. There will be attractions for the little ones, educational workshops, costumed characters and much more!

Art and culture

The art world is preparing for Brescia and Bergamo capitals of culture with Quid the Hidden By MAP Collectivethe exhibition curated by Gianlorenzo Chiaraluce which can be visited throughout the weekend from 10 to 19 at Averoldi Palace in Brescia. The research collective, founded in 2022 in our city, wants promote freedom of expression and cultural and artistic study. The first exhibition of the MAP collective presents nine video portraits creating a contrast between the historicity of the place and the contemporaneity of the installations.

A tribute to the world of comics with CLOUD & CHINA _ Illustrations for a comic storyaexhibition of the original plates by Michele Avigo edited by Antonella Bosio, for Xeno at number 29 of Brescia, Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 December from 3 to 7 pm. Avigo from Desenzano, which boasts the creation of drawings for various publishing companies between Brescia and Verona, will be present for a meeting with the public on Saturday 3 December at 5 pm.

The Santa Giulia Museum opens the doors to visitors for Saint Julia. Experience the Unesco World Heritage site. Scheduled at 15:30 of Sunday 4th Decemberone guided tour in one of the most magical places in our area: the monastic complex of Santa Giulia. There are many treasures to discover, from the Roman Domus to the nuns’ choir.

Shows, movies and theatre

At 19 of Friday 2nd December the Palazzo Mo. Ca welcomes Opium Clippers: a meeting for “a tea”, an intimate show to investigate the relationship between East and West. The artist uses his creations – ceramic cups – to reveal to the present unknown and curious episodes in a mix of drawing, poetry and performance. (For tickets Click here)

Saturday 3rd December at 21 the Le Muse Theater in Flero presents I’m not a ladya show with Paola Rizzi by John Comini. Poor Mrs. Maria attends her niece’s wedding, but all sorts of things happen. Modernity, wisdom and irony will help the audience reflect on love, modern chaos and young people.

For families

An unforgettable day is coming Tosio Martinengo Art Gallery on the occasion of Teatrino DigitAle and Teatrino Pret a Porter laboratoryscheduled for Saturday 3 December at 10:30, 14:30 and 16. The initiative, thought out for children aged 3 to 8 yearsprovides many children’s shows and a family workshop: we start from a traditional fairy tale to twist it up to create a completely new and original one, to be represented in a small portable theater!

We remain in the Christmas environment for Middle Ages and Christmasthe workshop organized by the Vallesabbia Archaeological Museum. Sunday 4th Decemberat 15 and 16:30, at Gavardo’s MAVS children and their families will be able to undertake a journey into past history between historical anecdotes and episodes about Christmas. Finally… a manual workshop for the creating a Christmas wreath!

The Colonna Theater in Brescia presents a new Christmas show suitable for everyone: Warm Christmas. The little kitten BiancaStella disappears, alarming all the characters in the story – from her grandmother Gattara to the three musicians on the third floor – who thus run to look for her. Sunday 4th December at 4.30pm, he’ll discover the importance of having a warm place to spend Christmas. In this adventure with a happy ending, he will look forward to the most magical night ever in the company of the funny and bizarre adventures of the sweet kitten!