What an extraordinary life, Olivia: timeless look and sincere talent, this is how she pointed the way to Madonna & Co.

from Matteo Persivale

Extremely talented singer, actress and dancer, she experimented with the most diverse styles effortlessly. She announced the return of the disease as follows: “I had an extraordinary life”

“I had an extraordinary life” said in the interview announcing the unexpected return of the disease, with the usual smile (courage is grace under pressure, Hemingway said) so as not to frighten the global people of his millions of fans, as if it were she who had to console us and not the other way around.

The life of Olivia Newton-John, disappeared yesterday at the age of 73it has been as extraordinary as his career, through five decadesdancing and singing: very different music, very different styleswith the constant of his talent and his sincerity, illuminating with his intelligence the most diverse artistic choices.

The sentimental pop of “I Honestly Love You” who made her known, almost a girl, to the world; the country (incredible but true) of “Let Me Be There,” the 1950s nostalgia of “Grease” before the 1950s were back in fashion, the disco, the Hollywood classic of the 40s with Gene Kelly in “Xanadu”, the rock of “Magic”, the aerobics of “Physical” and so on, until recently Three-year residency in Las Vegasone concert after another of his “greatest hits”.

He had the gift – among many others – of lightnessto be herself doing very different things, preceding Madonna and Kylie and Beyoncé and Lady Gaga and all the others to which, without making it burdensome, he showed the way. To understand the global mourning for his death, you can write them essays on his musicon his professional choices, on his always contemporary looks even when he was talking about the past – just look Sandy from “Grease”with the most famous blonde hair in the world, the “old school” high school fringe but miraculously never boring, and the most aggressive teased look that never becomes, as if by magic, a “bonnet”, because it is she who wears it.

It suited everything to his personality, illuminating clothes and hair and makeup with her intelligence (his grandfather was a Nobel laureate, his father was a former Mi5 spy and a university professor with a passion for opera), standing up to Kelly and Travolta without apparently struggling (she missed Astaire, but he was too old, to be able to say that he danced with the three greatest in the world).

Had the special talent of making impossible things seem easyhow to make us smile even when she told us that the tumor had returned after thirty years but immediately added that there were with her “the best husband in the world and the best daughter in the worldand my zoo of cats, dogs, horses (as a child she wanted to be a vet, ed) “, too humble from the top of his 100 million records sold to add to the list the millions of friends around the world who loved her even without having ever known her, and who know that they will never see another, by Olivia Newton-John. And when one day another similar talent arrives, his fans will be able to choose the best compliment: saying “This artist reminds us a little of Olivia Newton-John”.

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What an extraordinary life, Olivia: timeless look and sincere talent, this is how she pointed the way to Madonna & Co.

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