What is the king doing in Britain?

After the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, King Charles III is preparing to fully assume his functions: from weekly (and private) meetings with the premier to packages of government documents (in the “red boxes”), from the leadership of the Church of England to that of the Commonwealth, here are its powers

LONDON – Finished the funeral, Charles III moved to Balmoral, Scotland: it is the beloved residence of his mother (e where the Queen died on 8 September at the age of 96), and there the new king will observe another seven days of mourning.

No commitments: the public chapter of the disappearance of Elizabeth II closes and a period of private reflection begins.

Charles will take the opportunity to rearrange, in addition to thoughts, an agenda full of new duties.

If the monarch has a symbolic and apolitical role, he remains President.

Every day he receives envelopes of government documents in traditional red leather containers (the so-called “red boxes”).

The Wednesday afternoon meets the Prime Minister to Buckingham Palace to be updated on the latest developments. It is about private meetings whose themes are never disclosed.

The king also has important functions in the country’s ceremonial. It is he who asks the leader of the party that wins the elections to form the governmentto inaugurate the parliamentary year and to illustrate the priorities of the executive with a speech delivered by the throne of the House of Lords.

When a law is passed by parliament it must get the approval of the sovereign, the Royal Assent, before it goes into effect.

Finally, it is up to the king receive foreign heads of state and attend the ceremony for the war dead in November.

Internationally, the sovereign is head of state in 14 countries – including Canada, Australia, New Zealand – and leads the Commonwealthan international association of 56 sovereign countries.

He is also Supreme Governor of the Church of England. He is responsible for appointing bishops and archbishops.

It will be among the priorities for the coming months the coronation, organized, like Elizabeth’s funeral, by the 18th Duke of Norfolk, Edward Fitzalan-Howard, 66, who serves as Earl Marshal, Earl Marshal. It is a state occasion: the government will pay the bill and compose the guest list. The ceremony will take place at Westminster Abbey, where the Queen’s funeral took place.

The Archbishop of Canterbury will ask the crown of St. Edward, which dates back to 1661, on the head of the new king, a treasure that weighs 2.23 kg and which is used only for coronation. Carlo will also receive a ring of sapphires and rubies nicknamed the wedding ring of England. He is placed on the ring finger of the sovereign’s right hand.

Self Buckingham Palace it is the official seat of the monarchy, the palace is in the middle of a renovation which will end in 2027. Elizabeth did not like her as she is not loved by Charles, who in London prefers his current home, Clarence House.

It is not yet clear where the king and queen Camilla will live.

Like Elizabeth, Charles aims for a more modern and streamlined formula for the monarchy, with a royal family reduced to a core of few members where Anna, the sovereign’s sister, could now fill a larger and more prestigious role.

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What is the king doing in Britain?

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