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Ludwig Maximillian Koons, born in 1992, is the son of Ilona Staller, a former porn star and member of the Cicciolina Radical Party, and of the American artist Jeff Koons, one of the most popular artists in the sector. After completing his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Ludwig aspires to pursue a career in cinema.

Ludwig Maximilliam Koons, born a year after his parents’ wedding, has spoken in the past about his relationship with his mother figure. Last spring, the young man was interviewed by the radio program La Zanzara, describing Staller as “an uncomfortable woman”. He revealed that he had tried several times to be cast in roles, but was unsuccessful due to the unfavorable reputation of her parents.

Despite the challenges and occasional remarks he encountered during his school years, the young man was always comfortable with his mother’s career decisions. During an interview, he even suggested that if he wanted to take a similar path, he could opt for a safer path following the example of Rocco Siffredi.

Ludwig Koons, son of Staller, was engaged to actress and model Soraya Roselli for a decade, before it ended in 2016. Cicciolina documented their love story, posting several photos of them on her Instagram profile. When asked about his political views in an interview with Reservoir Dogs in 2016, Koons stated that he would vote for Donald Trump if he were an American citizen.

The individual, who celebrated his 27th birthday on October 29, had an Instagram profile that is currently no longer accessible. It was previously said that the separation between the parents was not amicable.

Staller and Jeff Koons had a heated custody dispute over their son, which led Staller to take drastic action in 1993 when he kidnapped their son, who had been brought to the United States by his father.

Ludwig spoke about his parents’ separation and his experience as a disputed son, which he became aware of at the age of five or six. In interviews she described his relationship with his father, who had created a new family with his secretary and had other children. Ludwig said he occasionally communicates with his father and feels comfortable with him.

It is known that Cicciolina’s son Ilona Staller had a ten-year relationship with actress and model Soraya Roselli. The couple split in 2016, though Staller has since posted pictures of the two of them together on Instagram.

In the past Ludwig had often posted on his Instagram profile, but now he is no longer active on the platform. When journalists asked him in the past if he had seen his mother’s films, he replied calmly: “I have seen my mother’s films and it hasn’t affected me. If any of my peers had attempted to show them to me, I would have stepped in to scold them. Whenever I was teased at school, I stood up for myself.”

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Who is Ludwig Maximillian Koons son of Ilona Staller aka “Cicciolina” – Back cover

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