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Valentina Romani, one of the rising stars of Italian television, has captivated thousands of viewers with her iconic bob hairstyle.

Valentina Romani, a very young actress, had a successful film debut and her career has just begun. Despite her young age, she studied a lot and managed to demonstrate her talent, receiving the acclaim of the spectators. You acted in Un Bacio (2006), La porta rossa, Mare Fuori and Alfredino. Let’s find out some curiosities about her.
Valentina Romani, biography

Valentina Romani was born in Rome on June 16, 1996, of the zodiac sign of Gemini. From an early age she aspired to be an actress and she had a poster of Angelina Jolie in her room as inspiration. During her high school years, Valentina began to pursue her dream and financed the acting lessons with her own savings, so as not to burden her parents.

Valentina’s parents initially predicted that she would pursue a career as a lawyer or a doctor, but they weren’t discouraged when they realized her true calling.

Private life of Valentina Romani

At just 20, the young actress made the difficult decision to leave her family.

After two months of knowing Francesco Capulli, she decides to go and live with him. Sadly their relationship ended soon after, in part due to their photos being deleted from Instagram. Subsequently, in 2019, she began a relationship with Giacomo Sirolli, with whom she seems to have a strong bond. The couple currently resides in Rome, while no information is available on the actress’ earnings.

Numerous pictures of the couple together can be found on the woman’s Instagram account, showcasing their attractive looks.

Who is Valentina Romani’s partner?

Giacomo Sirolli is the romantic partner of the famous actress Valentina Romani. Little is known about him, as he is not a character from the world of entertainment. It is known that he has a degree in Economics and Management, with a specialization in Marketing, and that he works for a management organization in the capital. His Instagram page is set to private.

Valentina Romani, career

After graduating from the linguistic high school, Valentina embarked on a career as an actress. Her hard work and dedication have paid off and since 2014 she has begun to appear on television, starring in various fictions such as God helps us, One step from heaven, Everything can happen and Aldo Moro – The professor.

In 2016, Ivan Cotroneo chose her as the protagonist for his feature film Un kiss, a romantic drama that consolidated her status as one of the Italian promises. In 2019 she returned to television with La porta rossa, alongside the appreciated actors Lino Guanciale and Gabriella Pession. Furthermore, she has appeared in Mare Fuori, where she plays a Roma girl, in the miniseries Alfredino – An Italian story and in the 2021 film Carla.

Here are five curiosities about Valentina Romani:

She has two teddy bears that she has kept with her since her grandparents gave them to her at birth and that remind her of her family.

She has a strong passion for travel and her ambition is to visit Rio de Janeiro.

In addition to her acting career, she is passionate about reading and writing. However, she also likes to relax with her favorite television series, Prison Break.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, she described herself as a generous and sensitive person, noting that she’s still working to give her due weight and that she can be quite emotional, even crying in public if she’s moved by a scene.

His favorite song is La canzone del sole by Lucio Battisti.

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Who is Valentina Romani? Age, career, boyfriend, children, curiosity and private life – Back cover

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