Who was Peppino Impastato: the true story of the journalist. The 10 things you don’t know

Peppino Impastato was killed on May 9, 1978, the same day the lifeless body of Aldo Moro.

His death was classified as homocide, but in reality it was a mafia crime to strike a very disrespectful young man.

Peppino, in fact, he mocked the bosses through a free radio and for this reason he was killed with a charge of TNT.

The story of Peppino Impastato

Giuseppe Impastato was born in Cinisi January 5, 1948: his mother is Felicia Bartolotta and his father Luigi Impastato. The latter’s sister is married to the Mafia boss Cesare Manzellaone of the first to do business with drug trafficking.

Peppino studies at high school Classic of Partinico and soon begins to take an interest in politics and in particular in the Italian socialist party of proletarian unity, the PSIUP.

He will also found a newspaper called The idea socialist, who, however, was immediately kidnapped and from 1968 onwards he became a manager of the activities of the communist groups.

In 1976 he creates a circle, music and culture of cultural activities such as debates and music and cineforum. The Antinuclear Collective and the Collective Feminist they will join the circle.

In 1977 he established radio Auta free broadcaster through which the crimes and illicit affairs of the mafiosi of Cinisi and Terrasini.

Between these Gaetano Badalamentiinvolved in international drug trafficking, through the control of the airport of Punta Raisi.

In 1978 he decided to run as a city councilor and on the list of Proletarian Democracybut on the eve of the elections he is assassinated.

Impastato’s death is stored as suicide, but in reality it is a staging. His body, in fact, is lacerated by a load of TNT on the tracks of the Trapani railway – Palermobut Peppino he had already been murdered in a cottage near the airport.

In 1984, thanks to his mother’s and stubbornness Felicia and her brother Giovannithe mafia imprint of the crime is recognized.

The case, however, was closed in 1992 and 1994 on court of Palermo asks for its reopening. The collaborator of justice is thus questioned Salvatore Palazzolobelonging to the clan of Cinisi.

Badalamenti is recognized as the instigator of the crime therefore extradited by the United States and sentenced to life imprisonment on April 11, 2002.

Peppino Impastato, “Sicilian friend”: the things that are not known about him

The outrage for the tragic and unjust death of Peppino Impastato ensured that his memory remained alive right away. Although he had died 5 days earlier, in the elections of May 14, 1978 he was symbolically elected by the voters.

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More than 1000 people took part in the funeral of the brave young man, coming from Palermo and from the surrounding countries. Since I was a kid, Peppino Impastato he dared to rebel against the mafia, becoming a symbol of justice and the recipient of numerous commemorations.

Let us not forget, in fact, i 100 steps of Marco Tullio Giordanain cinema and, in music, i 100 steps of the Modena City Ramblers.

His memory has been honored by various initiatives, such as the Felicia anti-mafia social forum And Peppino Impastatoas well as the dedication of many cities to streets, gardens and squares.

The university of Palermo gave him one Degree Honoris Causa in Philosophy to memory, while a Taranto Communist Refoundation has inaugurated a club in his name.

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In the gardens of the Pincettoto Perugiaan olive tree was planted with a plaque in memory of Peppino Impastato and journalists killed by the mafia.

In 2010 the mayor of Cinisi receives the key to the house of Gaetano Badalamenti. Later the property will be handed over to the cultural association Peppino Impastato of Cinisi.

Subsequently the home of Peppino Impastato it will become a cultural asset as a symbol of the fight against the mafia.

Every year a Cinisi citizens organize a procession in which mayors from all over Italy and many young people participate.

The event is therefore a tough stance against the mafia to continue the commitment of the heroic young man.

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Who was Peppino Impastato: the true story of the journalist. The 10 things you don’t know

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