William and Harry together in Windsor: “King Charles thinks mourning is an opportunity to make peace”

William and Harry’s walk with their wives at Windsor Castle makes King Charles III happy. According to an aide of the royal family “he would like them to resolve the dispute, he sees this period of mourning as an opportunity for his children.”

William and Harry two days ago they visited together with their wives, Kate Middleton and Meghan Marklefloral tributes for Elizabeth II, died on 8 September at the age of 96. An episode that caught everyone’s attention given the strained relationships that have divided them for some time. It would have been the Prince of Wales to invite his brother and his wife to join them, in memory of his grandmother: a negotiation lasting 45 minutes, which ended successfully, which marked a moment defined by many as “historic”. For the first time in two years, after accusations, controversies and heated interviews, the children of King Charles III and Lady Diana have shown themselves publicly close. At the base of the surprise reunion there would be the desire of the Sovereign that “sees this period of mourning as an opportunity”.

King Charles’s desire to see his children close again

An aide to the royal family told the Mirror that King Charles III would like his children to resolve the quarrel that has divided them for over two years. In his opinion, conflicts should be ended: “He hates any kind of confrontation and sees this period of mourning as an opportunity for William and Harry“are the words of the source close to the Royals. For this reason the Prince of Wales would telephone with the intention of convincing him to invite his brother to join him and his wife Kate on a walk outside the Castle. An alleged and actual 45-minute negotiation would have led to the first public meeting of the children outside Windsor. “The Prince of Wales and the Duke of Sussex spent nearly an hour chatting to the crowd of thousands, along with Kate and Meghan“reads the English newspaper. In the last few days there have also been other contacts, writes the Times, indicating that communication between them is still in progress. A sign of relaxation in the name of the grandmother, and of the father, King Charles III.

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The words for Harry and Meghan of dad Carlo in the speech to the Nation

After the death of Elizabeth II, King Charles III ascended the throne and in his first address to the nation he sent a message of peace and affection for his sons William and Harry. Despite the scenario launched by The Sun according to which he would not have wanted Meghan Markle in Scotland deeming his presence “inappropriate at such a painfully sad time”, he expressed words of love for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

“I express my love for Harry and Meghan” were the words of the Sovereign, to which he added: “And I am proud for my son William becoming the new Prince of Wales, heir to the throne. He will take on the responsibilities that have been mine for 50 years.”

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William and Harry together in Windsor: “King Charles thinks mourning is an opportunity to make peace”

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