XFactor 2022: save soldier Fedez. Rkomi and Dargen squeeze, Amber saves herself PHOTO

Hell Factor or not Hell Factor, double elimination is always a moment highlight of any edition of XFactor. Especially if it precedes the evening of the unreleased in a season in which unreleased, fortunately, we have heard much less than in the recent past (when they had honestly broken). But above all, dear talent jackals, it’s a moment highlight because it is the one in which the judges send the do-goodness where it deserves and begin to bite each other seriously. Victim announced, of course, Fedez (vote 7): the most experienced at the table has so far sailed without excessive worries among the existential crises of his three colleagues, has the team still intact – even Dargen, but only by chance – and has discovered the cards on the chances of final victory of not one, but two competitors, namely Linda and Omini. Logical that it becomes the totem to be demolished, but in all honesty the tones of Dargen and Rkomi towards him are inexcusable. Especially those of Dargen, who strictly speaking should be a friend of his and instead crushes him not for the judgments expressed but for the level of his musical production: a subject on which one cannot disagree, but which has nothing to do with it. see with what we are doing here. Rkomi, on her part, looks like Chucky’s bride, the killer doll: meows, yelps and barks when her siblings perform, but as soon as Fedez opens her mouth she practically insults him bloody. Where Fedez gets caught in the chestnut is on the assignment to Dadà that costs her the exit from XF22: different arrangement but usual repertoire, it is inevitable that the public (who already at the last live had saved the Avatar of the Neapolitan competitor hit by Covid) is tired and decides to send her home, even if in her heat there had been worse, that is, at least Disco Club Paradiso and Joelle.

Amber far from the fight and makes a great impression

In this turmoil he makes a great impression Amber (vote 7), who keeps away from the brawl and thus avoids taking hits pulled at random since she is already bruised by the elimination of Matteo Siffredi and by the ballots faced by Lucrezia and Tropea. Curiously, he risks more with the first but ends up in the last round of Dante (ballot of four) with the second, who were once again among the best. Impossible not to notice the growth of him both in the assignments and in the presence at the table, where in the midst of those three hens he now looms so much to save and bring to the live with both of its competitors unreleased. L’hot topic of the week is to figure out who has slobbered the most between Dargen D’Amico (vote 5) And Rkomi (vote 5): to open fire on the soldier Fedez is the first, who unleashes his Sicilian DNA – the parents are originally from Filicudi – to defend the poor Disco Club Paradiso, who are already scarce and in addition find themselves an assignment from jail, one of the worst hits in the history of Italian music: Laura is not here by Nek. The truth is that all the ingredients listed by Fedez (from Manu Chao to the smooth insert) are perfectly there to agree with him, but Dargen simply does not accept his colleague’s judgment and treacherously attacks him: and everyone thought behind the glasses (not to hats) “The bridegroom has gone mad, or he has been drinking.” But the worst things are certainly reversed by Rkomi, to whom Fedez is forced to remember that in the end they are there to judge. As if that weren’t enough, even the public manages to get pissed off by Francesca Michielin (vote 7), once again mistress of the situation – and the chronicles tell that in the audience there was none other than prof. dr. Ludovico Tersigni doctor of the health insurance – but also of a formula that, whenever it is proposed again, ends up creating a big mess, with four nominees, three votes from home and, to avoid yet another tilt and finally force the table to expose itself, the point tiebreaker for the elimination of the least voted of the two remaining.

The guests of the third live: from Sangiovanni to Yungblud

Guests of the third live of XF2022 the inevitable Sangiovanni and the interesting Yungblud, who looks a bit like the illegitimate son of Robert Smith of the Cure and Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, but with Mirko’s hair Kiss me Licia. Better that there isn’t a big one, because what interests us more than ever is the race and we don’t want to get distracted. They open, as mentioned, the Disco Club Paradiso (vote 4): to the list of atrocities contained in the cover and pitted by Fedez we add an unlikely arrangement in the style of Earth, Wind & Fire and the disaster is complete. The public saves them for no real reason other than to numerically rebalance the teams in view of the unpublished ones (theirs, however, is not that he had impressed: practically Where do you dance of their judge, but with “you don’t look at me but dance” instead of “fuck and dance”). He had raised an eyebrow – in a good way – the assignment of Summertime sadness by Lana del Rey a Joelle (vote 5) by Rkomi: it is a pity that the production completely betrays the spirit of the song, trivializing it and also putting in difficulty the competitor who deservedly ends up in the ballot (where, however, the public will save her immediately). A shot of life, however, the Brainstorm with which the Omini (rating 7.5) face the Arctic Monkeys challenge thrown to them, needless to say, by the ineffable Rkomi: Fedez, however, is not stupid and chooses a song among the most caciaroni – and therefore closer to the mood of its competitors – the Sheffield group. To realize once more the level of the table, just think that the drummer Mattia gets all the praise, who on stage nods his head no because, unlike the scientists sitting at the table, he knows that he has not been flawless from a rhythmic point of view. At this point, Lucrezia (vote 6.5) opens the challenge in the challenge, that is: who will survive of the three-four competitors forced to cover untouchable songs of “sacred monsters” of Italian music? It’s up to her I’m not with you anymore, a masterpiece written by Paolo Conte and Vito Pallavicini for Caterina Caselli and which, among others, boasts a wonderful (but truly wonderful) cover by Franco Battiato. Well, compared to I ‘te vurrìa vasà by Roberto Murolo sung by Dadà, Pink flowers, peach blossom di Battisti entrusted to Beatrice e I have fallen in love with you by Luigi Tenco for Matteo Orsi, his is certainly the best interpretation, the most centered from the vocal and arrangement point of view. Ambra’s progress in assignments is also interesting. On Dada instead we will have to average two marks: 7 for the assignment (a piece that touches the strings of emotion, also sung perfectly) e 5 for the strategy of reducing the piece to the bone compared to previous productions, but without substantially changing the repertoire. Strategy that cost her the ballot and then the elimination.

A disappointing second heat

According to what we have seen so far, the second run includes a series of “big pieces” of this edition, but it will prove to be rather disappointing. Except for Linda (vote 7) that does not even go into trouble on Still don’t know my name of Labirinth: the only perplexity is that it does not seem the most suitable genre for her, but so be it. She is saved once again more for her skill than for a truly perfect performance Beatrice (vote 5)for which Dargen makes one Pink flowers, peach blossom with the straight case – surprisingly noticed by Ambra – not very respectful of the original. Speaking of Ambra, the palm for the most interesting assignment of the episode goes to her with moon of Verdena for i Tropea (7.5 rating). Even if from the video we see how the choice is more theirs than hers, and it is nothing new. That the public send them to the ballot can only be justified by the fact that the match on the pitch in Verona had just finished, where the derelict Juve of his ex Allegri had started “pilfering” again, unleashing what Mourinho called “the noise of the enemies” . And she got involved, it’s obvious. Then it’s up to ai French Saints (5.5 vote) that Rkomi tries to “displace” with I love you by Ornella Vanoni. The judges praise them once again, but in reality they seem completely out of focus and if they don’t risk it it’s because they really have a lot of credit to spend. Final with Matteo Orsi (vote 6) a bit engulfed by I have fallen in love with you of Tenco, but not so much as to deserve the elimination which will then be sanctioned by the table in favor of Tropea.

The run of the unpublished

As mentioned, the mega ballot of four sees a competitor for each judge at risk: after the battle horses (which are the usual ones, needless to say … you might as well give up this insignificant catwalk) Joelle is saved and Dadà is sacrificed. They remain in contention Tropea and Matteo Orsi, who receives the only vote from his judge before getting a “coat” from everyone else. And so, two competitors for each team arrive at the heats of the unpublished ones, with Lucrezia’s actions destined for example to increase in value when we hear the final version of her Molecules (perhaps the unpublished that most struck us at the auditions) and with a lot of curiosity towards those who until now have only performed covers, such as the Omini. But the wait is above all for what will happen at the table, with Fedez having to choose whether to ignore his resentful colleagues or fight back while Dargen and Rkomi will have to prove that he is not the classic takeover of the company. A very particular problem for Ambra: to be recognized by the Tropeas, who in the ritual thanks before the ballot also nominate the driver of the electric Skoda and the bakery where Fedez bought the onion pizzas, but not her.

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XFactor 2022: save soldier Fedez. Rkomi and Dargen squeeze, Amber saves herself PHOTO

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